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    I'm not trying to be a smart-(EDIT). This is something I'm curious about.

    To you folks here that have done performance modifications on your Harleys...was it worth it?

    I have 2 evos, a 1984 Softail, and a 1991 FLHS, both stock. The FLHS had a S&S Super E on it when I bought it, but that's the only modification. I pull a small cargo trailer well with both. Both perform to my satisfaction. I have no problems keeping up with traffic, or the folks I ride with. I don't exceed the speed limit, or do foolship things on my bikes.

    I've also seen too many people having reliabilty problems after doing hop-ups on their bikes.

    Do you take advantage of the extra performance enough to justify the costs?

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  2. Hoople

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    It doesn't really answer your question but here is my 2 cents:p

    I think it has a lot to do with the age of the rider in addition to performance yield. When I was young I would modify car engines. Nothing was sacred. Making engine modifications to big block iron was fun. But modifications always seemed to make it more unreliable & you rarely increased the value of the car. Testosterone levels were high and money was burning a hole in my pocket. Now being much older, keeping it stock is simple and it works. But I do like the "Bling" and will buy Chrome, Led lights and Factory features & accessories, but installing things like high lift cams or bigger cylinders are a thing of the past.

    The moral of my story is Enjoy your youth!

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    There will be plenty of riders who will weigh in on this, but basically doing much beyond Stage I begins the "slippery slope" of performance verses longevity. To be sure, if you crack the cases to gain access to barrels, pistons and internal mods longevity will be affected, but then most mods once there are out of the normal HD warranty items anyway unless you go the CVO route. As Hoop said, keep the mods to those who have the time and money to burn. Smiles per mile means different things to different riders...and being fairly new the the HD family I prefer to extending both as much as possible. :D
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  4. RickyBobby

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    Yes, I think the mods I make are worth it. I don't mod for speed as much as I do for the general better running engine. Does that make sense?
    I am a mechanic by trade. Diesel mechanic at that. Even though I am 66 years old and have had Harleys and other bikes for about 50 years, I still get a kick out of a bike that will perform well, whether I crank it on or not. I stick to Harleys because I know them well from the many repairs I have made over the years. No one but me works on my wifes car, my pickup or my bike. Ever.
    I have never gone into huge mods. My current ride is an 88ci and all I have done is install pipes, intake and XieDs to keep it cool running. Basically I am trying to make a California bike run as well as a 49 state scoot will run.
    I used to do high mileage and now I don't. A little drop in fuel economy for the sake of smooth running, easy starting and reliability is what I have in mind.
    I am shopping for a RK now. I'll do basically the same things performance wise and some mods for looks and comfort. :)
  5. Randall K. Wilson

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    Folk hop up their stock Harleys to go faster and the crotch rocket riders still wave bye bye as they zoom past them.... :lolrolling
  6. Randall K. Wilson

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    Amen to the above comments and a very profound commentary imho.

    I want my cycles to always be ready for me to mount up and ride anywhere, anytime...and spending the least amount of money while doing so. How's that for self centered selfishness?:bigsmiley24:

    By the same token I appreciate the folk who have the skills to tinker and make their cycles go faster. I know my limitations and respect them when it comes to this particular scenario. Doing some basic maintenence and keeping my cycles "pleasing" to the eye is as far as I go. I just love to ride and always hope to ride at least 10 thousand miles a year. (Live in the mid-west)
  7. Randall K. Wilson

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    H-D PILOT: Question? How many miles to you have on your two Evolution V-2 machines?
  8. FLHXTom29715

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    In my younger years, I did the mod's I wanted and used the extra ponies, and would do it again, if financially I had money to burn. Now that I'm older, the minor mod's I've done are more for a cooler, better flowing, running engine, with little hp gain for the investment. In 11 years I had my RK with some heavy mod's, I had 3 cam gear sensor failures on that bike.
  9. Breeze3at

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    HDPilot; In 1993 I put $3,000 of performance parts on my '92 Dyna. I did all the work myself, and have been very happy with the resulting performance. I have put aboout 50k miles on it since. The only failure I've had was the front ex. lifter lost its bearings about 20k later.
    Now I have a '07 Electra Glide with slip on's and a K&N filter. I doubt I will ever do anything else to it. The reason? I'm 16 yrs. older, and ride with a different group (and I still have the Dyna) :bigsmiley24:
    Consider some of the "gone wrong" engine mod. stories that are posted on this forum, and have absolute confidence in the person that will be putting hands on your engine if you don't do it yourself.
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