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    Don't know if this is the correct area,,but here it goes. I have yet to have a passenger on my bike. I have asked and got all sorts of answers to " how does a passenger get on a bike correctly."
    I have heard 1 Tell the passenger to take her leg over the bike while leaving her nother foot on the ground.
    2 have her step on the passenger foot rest , then bring the other leg over.
    3 have her put her hands on your my shoulders , then step on passenger foot rest and bring leg over.
    So what do you guys do. Is there really a correct way or is it what one is comfortable with. I just don't want to have my bike drop :newsmile055: thanks
  2. Gilligan

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    So long as you both know what's happening and when, I don't suppose there's going to be a problem. My "co-pilot" puts on her lid as I get started and ready, then, on my nod, she puts foot on peg, hand on my shoulder and other foot over all in one smooth move. An extra 100lbs or so on one side can be a bit unstable if you're not expecting it. Good that you've thought of it ahead. I suppose you'll find your own routine that works for you. Many safe rides together! Gil
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    My wife has to use the passenger board to get on the bike. I get on, she puts her left foot on the left side footboard and a hand on my left shoulder and asks "Ready". If I'm ready I say "OK" (it's a cheerleader sounding thing...don't ask you really don't want to know) and she steps up swings her right leg over and settles down on the seat.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    I really can't do it that way because with bike on the jiffy stand, the angle is too acute to support fully laden weight with the bike. It is probably too much for my 5' 6" 135 lbs frame to deal with weight and inertia needed to hoist the works upright steady enough especially if either of us wobbled (didn't want to try it) knowing how hard it is to right bike riding solo...! Sometimes there also might be loose debris that would make even my level footing treacherous.

    I usually get all my gear on, start the bike, get it off the jiffy stand level, put it in first, clutch pulled and hand brake firm, hoist it level and say "OK". She has all her gear on, puts both of the passenger pegs down (a reminder ritual so she knows exactly where to put her feet), then using my shoulder and sissy bar to steady herself, climbs aboard. This is also the ritual when we're at a complete stop, as sometimes she would try to get off the bike while it was still moving "pony express style"...scared me to death the first time she did...(in the car and on the bike) when she has stricken with a bout of "GARAGE SALE-ITIS". :s
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    Yeah, I hear you, I am in pretty good shape now for my age, but wine and beer can take it's toll...:newsmile055: Hey, I should take a tip from you, if I go to the HD dealer for brats and beer, I could walk out with a new bike...Think...! :D
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    I just saw on our news tonight that some member of parliment (MP) wants to ban children under 14 from riding on the back of the bike. I imagine that it will be voted down. Always somebody wants to screw with us,

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    You two "Gents" are okay in my book letting the lady on first...I would do so if I could...BUT, I for one have a problem with hoisting a fully laden bike up from around 30 deg incline (varies with terrain), add to the fact that we can't lock the fork lock to the right if we park in a space not quite level. That bike weighs 5-6 times more than I do and I have too much invested in both of the gals to afford a tip over LOL! :small3d018:
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    My Girlfriend has been riding with me so long, I had to really think about our method. She never gets on until I am off the kickstand. I guess it is an unspoken signal to her that I am ready. She weighs just a little under 100lbs, so it is usually me who asks if she is ready before I take off cause I can't feel her getting on and settling in. Same thing when we stop, no certain signal other than I have found neutral and shut the bike off. If we are backing into a parking spot,she will stay on unless she senses me struggling, then she asks if I "need a reverse". She grabs the sissy bar and pulls me back as best she can if necessary.
  9. Mattman4403

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    I am on an ultra. I get on and get squared away. Leave the bike in nutural pull in the clutch and the front brake and give the wife the nod. She steps on the left passanger floorboard with her left foot and steps through between my back and the tour pack. Most times it goes smoothly but on occasion like that fourth tank of gas in a day or all geared up for cold weather she drags her foot and it can get sporty. I am a tiny little guy at 6'4" and 300 lbs but it is exciting from time to time. I guess you do what works and go slow. A passanger really changes the world on you
  10. SledDog

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    I solved this problem early on....

    My wide riders her own...

    All of our bikes are set up solo.