Pythons and Popping Please help

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by harleydoc85, May 4, 2015.

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    Ok i am new to this forum and also new to my bike. I just purchased a fuel injected 2002 Softail Standard for a steal of a deal due to the guy having a friend die. It only had 4700 miles on it when i got it. Well it rides great accelerates fine but when i let off the throttle it pops like it is backfiring. I apologize if this information is already in a different post but i read so much conflicting stuff i wanted to throw out my specs and ask if someone has encountered this problem. What i know about the bike that i bought

    2002 Harley Softail standard
    5500 miles on it currently (4770 at purchase 1 month ago)
    Has From what i can tell Python Staggered duals with no Baffles
    It has a Power Commander III USB module
    I believe standard air filter

    As i said i have popping sound when i let off throttle and i am not what it could be caused by whether it be, i have heard many different things and i would like to know where to start. I have heard not tuned correctly, air leak at gasket, python pipes just do that, no baffles, and others. I planned on getting baffles just so i don't make my neighbors mad at 4am but i would really like some help as i know nothing about fuel injection and this bike is new to me.
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    Not sure about the Power Commander, but I have a Fuelpak to go with my Vance & Hines pipes. I read on the Fuelpak site that backfiring could be lessened or eliminated by changing one of the Fuelpak settings that controls fuel when you let off of the throttle. After modifying the setting, it helped considerably. I would assume the Power Commander has a similar setting. You might try contacting them. Also, the gasket leak is a valid concern too. Had an old Honda that backfired on decel and after I repaced the crush gaskets it went away. Did you install new crush gaskets when you put in the new pipes?
  3. Bodeen

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    Could be any or all the things you listed. Starting with baffles is a very good idea IMO. Without baffles for back pressure you may have a very hard time solving the issue.
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    Will do, i plan on going down this week to get some baffles for my bike. I heard that you can put any correct fitting baffle it will work but i figure just to take the guess work out i will buy the more expensive oem baffles. I will update on whether the problem has been fixed. Please keep posting suggestions guys in case it doesn't happen to be the cause.
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    In my limited experience (only 2 Harleys), I've found that if my bikes weren't tuned for the addition of the higher flow air cleaner and aftermarket exhaust they would pop a lot on deceleration. My old bike had a stage 1 AC and V&H pipes with the H-D Stage 1 download. It ran ok but I still had popping on deceleration.

    On my new bike I still put on the Stage 1 AC and V&H exhaust (headers and pipes) but avoided the H-D Stage 1 download and used my V&H Fuel Pack 3 to tune it. No more popping and the bike runs a lot smoother and sounds much better. Good luck.
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    There is always Big City Thunder.

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    Agree with Bodeen, all of the above could be the culprits. On my tail, I found the header where it connects to the jug was loose. Backed off the nuts and tightened it up to spec torque and no more popping, It has become a regular maintenance issue.
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    As Bodeen suggested start with baffles, if that cures the issue problem solved. If not start looking for air leaks as suggested (how does it idle?) If your leak free I'd move on to the air/fuel mixture (what do the plugs look like?) does it only pop on decel? This may very well be a hit and miss process until you get to the source. Good luck.
  10. Jack Klarich

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