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    I got a dart trailer to pull behind my 2007 ultra. The problem I am having is my wife says she smells exhaust fumes real bad. Is anyone else having this problem or have any sugestions on how to fix this problem. other than leaving the wife at home.
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    Some of our customers have told us about their passenger complaining about fumes . Last spring one of my customers came back with a pair of turn down extensions on his bike ,but at a 90degree angle to the road,he told me this cured his passengers monoxide problems. I have called a few others and they tell me that after they installed them NO complaints! Remember keep her happy and you will be too:D
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    My immediate reaction was for YOU to cut down on the bean intake.:lolrolling
    The suggestion of leaving your wife home works also. But, could be hazardous to your health.
    Sounds for some reason you may have a dead air space between the trailer and rear of the bike. You're on an Ultra so you have things hanging off the bike that deflect wind away from the bike. What keeps you fine on the bike may be causing a vacuum type effect around the bike and trailer. Think of Nascar and drafting.
    But, my moneys on the beans.:laugh

    Steve, I like the bean theory more. Bah, who cares about extensions.:D
    I could be wrong, but I got the feeling it was only when pulling the trailer.

    Actually, you might be right. Maybe they just need extensions on the pipes and pointed outward.
    Peggy suggested to put the stuff in the trailer in bags, strap'em on the back of the bike and let the wife ride in the trailer.:D
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    thank you ithought about turn outs but do they make them for stock pipes. i like the other ideas also but we all know if mommas not happy nobodys happy.