Progressive Monotube

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by danno138, Sep 23, 2010.

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    Anyone got a set yet,All the hype sounds to good to be true but im willing to try hard are they to install and is the Tour link a good addition also.
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    I posed this question several months ago and got nothing. I would be interested in hearing some feedback as well.

  3. wv2wheel

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    YEs, I had this installed on my 2009 Ultra during my 15k service (7k miles ago now). My take is that it improves brake dive but I cannot say it really altered the overall handling of the bike. I had the shop install it but it was supposedly simple as they just drop finicky adjustment etc..I think the best move for better handling on these bikes would be rear shocks with some real damping control adjustment...they just bounce around too much and with the air all you get is harder bounces or softer ones...Up to you on the front end. I am not sorry I did it, but I am not going to tell you they have to be used. A good Gold Valve type setup would probably work as well (but cost as much and take more time to get just right)...

    I should also say the front tire does stay planted on the road with this unit but I dont remember having issues with that as stock. Another good thing about them I forgot to more fluid changes. The only oil in the fork with these is a very nominal amount to lube the exterior of the doesnt perform any duty in the actual fork. We will see how long these last as Progressive says they are "lifetime" units...
    At $330 or so they are certainly a lot cheaper alternative to the unit offered by Traxxion (almost $1200!)
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    I don't have the Monotube but I do recommend the Touring link. I have one and it did wonders for my FLHT's handling...:s