Progressive Cartridge Fork upgrade

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by wv2wheel, May 9, 2010.

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    Has anyone reported experience with this? I just got back from 1300 miles of twisty road running in WV, VA and western NC and the Ultra ran great in most situations but there was a couple mile stretch of road in western NC that had a lot of heaves in it. The bike just basically floated where it wanted to if I tried to put any speed on that road (I know, I could just slow it down but my buddy and I were having a blast riding these great roads). It just seemed there was no damping. Since I am considering having the fork oil swapped at the next interval (20k) I was then thinking "why not just do the Progressive cartridge install". I do think the front end is a little loose at times and could use more control. If going to heavier oil actually makes any good difference that would be a cheaper route....anyone out there with good experience on this?

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    I have changed my fork oil to the Screamin' eagle 15 wt (not the heavy duty race only) and it really firms up the front end. You can also go to the "B" fork oil and it will be in between the SE and the stock 5 wt.

    Fork Oil Weights - Harley Davidson Community
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    I put progressive springs in when I had the forks changed to chrome, I really didn't notice any difference with the new springs, I am a little disappointed, I thought there would be a big difference.
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    The cartridge upgrade is more than springs. It is a full gas charged cartridge inner assmy (with springs) doing away with the damper rod dampening assmy and the oil (you only use a small amount for lubrication but none for damping)...I would agree springs isnt the real issue, at least on mine, but it is damping the motion in a more controlled way that it needs.
    GLider, Thanks for the thought about the SE oil...I could try that for the next 20k miles to see how it goes...still pondering this one..
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    call progressive and find out!
    The springs are 1 part of the system the valving and fluid are the others I would ask the people that make the parts, and tell them what you are looking for and what your front end was doing!!