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    I had a following problem.
    I have a custom bike, and my electric wiring is very simple.
    My front light is very warm. Several times I felt a slight shock in the area left switches. Last low beam stopped working when high beam was working correctly. I removed H4 bulb and you can see on the photograph how the bulb look like.
    It has a strange bubble on top!!! My bulb is on the right and the new one on the left.
    I think that the bulb was going very hot and caused this deformation. But what is the cause of this. I replaced H4 bulb but I think that the light is again going hot.
    And second question to be sure. How the H4 should be conected. One connection to ground and two others should go to headlight dimmer swith. And power cable from dimmer swith to 15 amp breaker?


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    The results of your bulb getting very hot and distorted like your showing. My guess is when the bulb was installed. Care wasnt taken as to not get the oil from your fingers on the bulb. Another thing that can make a lighting enclosure get hot is a connection not being tight. A loose connection. Will increase the resistance (OHMs) at that point. Increased resistance equals heat! You will need to check the insulation and their connections on all the wires for the head lamp.