pro and con 2008 street glide

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by mxrider101, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. mxrider101

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    I plan to buy a 2008 anniversary street glide in a few months from a friend. 4500 miles, true duals, intake, race tuner, 21" front wheel kit, etc. any advice or pro and cons of this bike before I commit? I love the bike so far and know it has never seen rain, perfect maintenance, and babied like crazy. getting pretty excited and wife is selling her sporty to take over my heritage! thanks for input! :)
  2. TXMikey

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    I've got an 08 Street Glide and love it. It's not tricked out as much as the one you're looking at, but it still runs great. Only problem was a recall on the fuel filter housing in the fuel tank. I bought it new, and have 19K miles on it. Would have been more, but had some health problems last year that kept me off the bike a few months. If I had to do it again, I would still by a Street Glide.
  3. dbmg

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    The fact the Misses is cooperating by selling Sporty, I think you answered your question yourself... Sounds like a done deal.
    Have you been able to ride the Street Glide for any length of time?
  4. Rubyred

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    If you can handle it and afford it, Go For It!
  5. Joyflyin

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    LOL, if she sells her sporty you will have to get something. :p
  6. Dr. Dolittle

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    What type of riding do you plan to do on it? If you just plan on mostly local cruising with just you on the seat it should be fine.

    If you're thinking about serious, multi day, 2 up touring, I'm not sure it's the right bike. I've read that the larger front wheel size isn't as good for stable touring. The stock seat and limited suspension travel of a Street Glide don't usually make a passenger very happy. I added a tour pac for the wife's comfort and extra packing space and changed to the Sundowner seat. Passengers also usually like floorboards vs. pegs.

    The stock windshield is also a joke and will probably need to be changed if you ride much.

    I'm certainly not trying to rain on your parade - just some realistic input from a 3 year Street Glide owner.
  7. doc_63

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    I love my SG. 10000 miles problem free. I have the stock seat and it works great for solo riding. Paula has her own bike so I never ride 2 up. If I did the seat would HAVE to be changed. I added a taller windshield as stated above. I have Rinehart slip ons and the TFI with the SE air kit.

    Great bike. It maneuvers like a smaller bike and rides like a larger bike. Although I'm thinking of getting rid of the air ride on the back. I think a good pair of Progressive shocks are in the near future.
  8. glyd-n

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    I have on 09, but you can't go wrong on the SG!
  9. Iceman24

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    Sounds like a great bike & well taken care of to boot. Nice knowing previous owner & I almost bough the '08 FLHX, but had to wait for some finances to work through...can't go wrong w/any HD so good luck w/the purchase. You'll be pleased!
  10. rkrdr2

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    I have rented one and have rode all my buddies Street Glides...I love the bike but if I owned one the rear shocks would have to go asap...they ride very harsh..the stock seat and windshield would have to go also!