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    1st, Does the primary oil basically just lube the drive chain too the final belt drive??
    2nd why do I get a different answer to the same question regarding what oil I should be using in the primary?
    3rd My dealer said the tranny and the primary in my o8 fat bob can use both oils,however every one has said 10w-30 too 5w-50 and soo on.

    If the above answer is a simple lube issue then I believe you could whizz in it and you would be fine. (i've read that in here too!)
    I think i (EDIT) up? I was told by my harley dealer that I could run the same oils' in my nprimary as in my tranny. After reading in this forum idk anymore or less for that matter. didn't mean too thread jump btw. Any thoughts on this?? i used vavoline full syn 75w-140 in the primary and 75w-140 spectro six speed in the tranny, zero miles on it since the oil change just warm up and checked for leaks. Should I drain and go with the 10w-30 in the primary or what??!! :newsmile040::newsmile016::13::p
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    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I would use only a "primary oil" designated for a "wet clutch" application..

    Spectro makes one and I know Redline also makes a special lube just for the V-twin Wet Clutch application.. Says so on the bottles!

    I personally use redline shockproof heavy in the trany as hd's sound like a tractor shifting and "clunk" means Clunk and clunk in my book is metal Hitting metal together hard enough to want to be "cushioned" so I use redline shockproof...
    Spectro is also a good trany lube and many use it in their bikes.

    You can use HD's formal+ in both areas like the HD guy Probably meant, In the trany and in the primary.... both are good , not best in MY book

    Not knowing vavoline at all, If it contains modifers that may Harm the clutch plates ability to release and or slip. Both functions needed here to run a wet clutch properly.. You see so much "difference of opinion" as IT is "Opinion"... Each biker (me included) has a "better" oil "you" should use because!! ya ya ya But I'M the right oil guy. says me.

    The clutch plates are critical here and the lube needed is different than Just to lube the chain. The chain and sprockets Can use many different lubes but the wet clutch needs Special types of lubes and there are Many to choose from.
    Just make sure it says OK for wet clutch on the bottle.and V-twin is nice to see there also.

    I give MY opinions on oil because I have used many different oils in my life-time, but found the Redline products, Best... I used bacon grease on my 1902 hd.. Ha ha, just kidding, But for many years and many bikes, redline products, I Swear by them never at them!

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    thanks bubbie appreciate the info, I'll get that syn stuff out and use a 5w-30 weight instead. it's a mobil one dino juice so i should be ok for the season. rest assured I will get the right stuff in there when I need too wrap it up. (for the winter) I know I know why not get it now?!? Well it will work so why not right? And it is a good quality oil. :p

    at the risk of bumping, I was able too find some quaker state 10w-30 for my primary. with the views at nearly 80 hd'ers w/out a comment I assume I'm good to go. thanks all.
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    I would dump that heavy weight oil out of the primary. And put primary lube in.
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    Just about any oil will do the trick in the primary as long as it's not a synthetic oil and does not contain friction modifiers. That is the straight answer. It's purpose is to lube and cool the parts in the primary. The Formula+ that the dealer sells is a non synthetic 50 wt.and can give good results in the primary, however there are better choices for a lube in the trans such as Spectro platinum.
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    thanks glider for the straight dope. I believe the thirty wieght will be out of there sooner than I think seeing that it followed that synthetic w/oiladditives that was put in it. I'm happy i didn't ride it after all!!Well it's all done for now , And wouldn't you know it here comes the rain, For the love of pete!!!:(