Primary Chain drive?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Jick Scott, Jun 11, 2013.

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    My son has a 2004 Road King Custom, and has broken his primary drive belt twice in less than a year. Not sure what has caused it, but he seems to be leaning towards a rework of his belt drive to a chain drive, at least he'll be able to fix it on the road if it breaks again. My question is any idea what's causing the break to the belt as it is now. He's not hard on his ride, and this last time he just back it out of his garage, started it and put it in 1st and it snapped. Neither one of us can figure out why it broke. Anyone else gone to chain drive to stop this expensive belt break?
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    There are a lot of helpful and knowledgable guys here that may be able to help, they should be along soon. Until then, feel free to poke around on the forum. There may be some suggestions already posted from others in the past. :s

    Good luck & welcome!
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    As said above, make sure that the rear wheel is aligned so that the belt does not wear on one side or the other of the pulley. Also, make sure the belt tension is right. Better a little slack than too tight.

    Finally, if your son rides on gravel roads, he should check the belt frequently for cuts or holes caused by the gravel or stones that have gotten between the belt and the pulley.


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    If you are talking about a primary belt check to be sure the left side crank bearing is OK and the belt is tracking true, if not this will cause the belt to break prematurely and also take a toll on the alternator