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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Tarheelrider, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Tarheelrider

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    I have been wanting a HD for a very long time. Worked out that a good friend is looking to sell his bike. Wanted some input on value for the bike. It's a 97' FXD super glide. 14k miles, well maintained, every piece of chrome available, custom wheels, mini ape hangers, heads, cam, S&S carb, V&H exhaust, custom seat, mini tach, driving lights, upgraded brakes plus more I can't recall right now.

    The bike has pretty much everything I would do already paid for and installed. We were nocking around 9K for the bike.

    The deal is we are friends first. If we are low on the price I would pay more to make sure he gets a fair price and likewise I don't want to pay too much.

    I know the prices for this year are typically much lower for a stock bike with higher milage. I guess my biggest issue is trying to assign a fair price bump for all the parts, chrome, low mileage, etc and my knowledge of prices is rather limited with all of the additions to the bike.

    So what do you guys think?
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    You could always take a ride to the local dealer and see what it is rated at for trade in value. Then go from there.
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    The problem with adding things whether it be a bike, car, boat, etc, is the items don't generally add much to the value at resale. A lot of folks will pull such items off when they sell a vehicle to try and recover as much as possible by selling the items seperatley and sell the vehicle as close as possible to the stock configuration.

    There are a ton of newer bikes for sale at prices at or below what you are looking to pay for this bike but if it is the bike you have your heart set on and you are comfortable with paying that much for it, and you trust the person that now owns it, who is to say that the price is not fair to you?
  4. Tarheelrider

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    That's basically how I feel about the bike. I know I could have a newer bike in that price range but there is something special about this bike.

    Are there any issues with that year model fixed in newer models that I should consider?

    Thanks for the feed back.
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    Wooo , that a lot of $$$ for a 97 .. IMHO. I saw a 06 Dyna SG on CL here in Texas yesterday for $ 5800.00 with low miles..Just saying...:s
  6. Rubyred

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    Kelly Blue Book has this bike listed at $5470. retail and $3975. trade-in. They also state that you have to consider Condition, mileage and extras. I hope this helps.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I had a 97 EVO...... The Super glide IS NOT the top of the line.... The FXDS was the top $$ bike...

    I had that bike.97 FXDS. Sold to a friend years back.

    YES, His FXD has a lot of Extras BUT as others have said YOU DON"T RE-COUPE EXTRAS....

    I know HE IS A Friend,,,,, There the problem lays...

    I would ask him or tell him that the information you got from Knowledgeable folks,put the value at tops, 6000$ area MOSTLY because of the EXTRAS and a FRIEND. IF he can find a buyer for more , he should go for it.. Friends don't stay friends Long when buying and selling to each other, especially High $$ deals like these...

    Because He is a friend, and You have your HEART set on buying it, I would Offer him 6900$ and not a penny more.. That is a good price for that bike Even with all the extras...

    I sold mine to a Friend,, I got what I was asking and felt bad later when the HOT Motor (like this one) blew within a year of purchase from me.

    I held our friendship separate and no problems resulted Because business IS Business and a deal is a deal and WE BOTH agreed to that BEFORE we entered into the sale/purchase..

    Good luck. Yes you can pay what you want BUT if you turned Right around and HAD to sell it,,,,,, WHAT would it be worth to Joe Blow????? NOT even THAT much....

  8. Jack Klarich

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    IMO that is over priced, for a bit more you could have new with a warranty, JMO
  9. geezer

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    I think you have to determine the value of your friendship with your buddy first. Is it worth losing it over a bike? All the extras are only worth more if you would buy them anyway. If you sell the bike to a stranger you won't get the money out of them so is it fair for your friend to be charging you for them? It all comes down to how bad you want that bike.
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  10. Tarheelrider

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    Thanks for all the input guys. Have some thinking to do now.