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    Can anyone tell me where the best place on a 2005 95 c.i.d. engine to install a fitting to pick up the oil pressure when installing a aftermarket gauge? I hate the oil light as i like to keep a closer eye on my always seemingly running hot Harley Fatboy! After a crash eight years ago i have just got my fatboy back together.I changed over to synthetic oil and for some reason it seems to be running hotter than before.My rear exhaust has even started to turn a little brown close to the cylinder although my oil temp gauge stays around 190-200 degrees.Is this normal ? I did change from v-h longshots to shorter exhaust pipes but kept all else the same.Also seems to be turning over slowly when starting kind of like my timing may be a little off. Will a new computer fix all these problems?
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    190-200 should be a normal temp. You may want to add a fuel management system to the mix, more fuel will help cool the engine. Have you tested your battery? how old is it? turning over slower tells me you may have a weak battery.
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    You can install a straight fitting, or a "T" fitting (and retain your light) where the pressure switch is now at the front right of the cam cover.
    A new "computer" (ECM) will not change your fuel mixture. An added aftermarket fuel pack will. Slow cranking can be dirty ground, older battery, etc. The ECM and CPS (crank position sensor) controls ign. advance when starting. I vote for older battery.
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    If you pull off the heat shields on most any bike you'll notice some discoloration on the pipes and more so closer to the heads. If you add a fuel management system (fuel pack) your scoot will run somewhat cooler. Harleys tend to run lean so when you make an exhaust change and add more air you'll lean it out more and will notice a hotter engine.
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    Using an oil pressure gauge on the Harley engines will just scare you as there is very low oil pressure shown while idling.
    Does your oil idiot light come on at times while riding?
    If it doesn't, I wouldn't worry about oil pressure.
    Oil pressure gauge on my '07 Ultra varies at different speeds and I know everything is OK.
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    Usually on a Fat Boy the gauge ends up on the top of the rear cylinder right side and is hard to read while riding. Especially a aftermarket gauge for there can be a multitude of problems with gauges itself and give inaccurate readings. So investing in a very good one might help.