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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BeachJeep, Apr 2, 2010.

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    I will be leaving for the Maggie Valley area on my 06 RK at the end of the month with a couple of buddies from work for a 6 day trip into the surrounding area mountains. My question is: I plan to do a service on the bike before I leave, so best I can tell is that I need to buy:(current miles 11000)
    4 qts Mobile 1 V-twin
    1 qt Harley Formula +
    1 qt Please Recommend ???
    2 spark plugs Harley type.
    Please correct me or offer any recommendations. I have wrenched on my Jeeps most of my life but I have not tried my Harley until now.I sold my Ultra last spring and bought this RK back in Oct. so I'm not 100% sure of the last service although the oil looks clean. Have not picked up the service manual yet so if you can direct me to a download to get me through or I can keep asking you all questions.
    Thanks in Advance Sean
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    Some will say Spectro gearbox oil and others will say Mobil oil.

    Myself,i run Mobil Delvac 75w-90.This is a true SYNTHETIC gearbox oil.As is the Spectro

    Both of these choices are superb GL 5 gear oils and are perfect for a Harley.
    As are your other 2 choices for engine and primary.

    ps:make sure you use the correct oil filter for your particular bike.
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    I've got one but I need to check the part number? Anyone?

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    JUST SO YOU KNOW,,,,,,, the Formal+ will work well in clutch case and or the tranny....

    I use REDLINE products.(.) BEST in MY BOOK
    20/50 engine HD oil filters ONLY, MTL in primary(red makes a special primary oil also), SHOCK PROOF HEAVY in the tranny......

    MOBIL 1 V-twin------- good
    formal + --------------good (a harley oil)( both tranny/clutch case)
    Spectro 75w 140 -----good tranny lube oil

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    Get the Haynes Manual, The Harley Manuals are over priced and there not very user friendly. I was eyeballing the R.K.'s today at the dealer. I'm currently dropping hints about getting one to the Warden so maybe she wont be to Over the Top when I come home with one .
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    63798A = 5 micron, or Super Premium chrome. 63731-99A = black.

    My advice, do the service at least 1 week before your trip, and do some riding. If there is any problems or leaks, it won't catch you on the road, or worse, go unnoticed until too late.

    And just in case you had planned on riding the Dragon (US 129 @ NC/TN border), it is probably still closed due to a rock slide.
    Have a nice trip.
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    Just ordered the Manual Today. Just need the fluids and a good torque wrench, I have a 1/2 drive torque wrench --Needle style-- but I was never real sure how to use it.

    Breeze3at-- Thanks for the part #. And the heads up on the rock slide.

    I heard that a rally may be going on the weekend 0f the 29th in the area anyone know?
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    Well I got all the fluids and plugs changed out. Went off without a hitch. Feels good to go by the manual and get all the plugs and bolts torqued to specs. The bike runs like a sewing machine now. Not sure what was in the transmission before but it shifts like butter with the Mobil 1 in. Did not do the clutch and trottle adjustment this time still need to study the manual some more.
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    Aint it great to be able to do your own wrenching, Stay informed here and read your manual cover to cover