power source for GPS ???

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ironmark, Mar 25, 2009.

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    I just got a Tom Tom Rider 2 & I wanted to get some opinions about running the power wire . I was thinking about just using a lighter plug & that would be the easy way , but I was also thinking about running the wire into the fairing & pulling some power from there . Can I plug into the ACC source & if I can where are the connections ? Also there is a issue about the wire that attaches to the docking unit , where could it be stored when not in use ?
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    I would run it to the unused accesory switch,check your electrical schematic,but if it is like my EGC it will be the #8 pin on the duetch connector,there is just enough room to pull it through with the outer fairing off. that way you have a fused source that shuts off with the ignition.
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    Yep, Yep, that's exactly what I did on the Ultra. Except with heated grip inserts for the wife. Makes it nice and easy and in our case she has a light to let her know when it's on. Then it goes off when the bike shuts down.
    Ugly John
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    I also have mine hardwired to the main power source with in line fuse. The cradle stays on my bike. When traveling I take the unit off and take inside with me.
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    On my '08 RG, I took an old battery tender quick disconnect (fused) and ran it to the inside of the fairing. I unhooked the wires to the back of the lighter (don't smoke anyways) and hardwired the fused end of the QD to there and zip tied the other end to the clutch cable next to the handlebars. I then connected the other part of the QD to the GPS cradle (gotta watch those polarities). I now have switched power and can remove the cradle (wich is easily removed, by yourself or anyone else who'd like it) and GPS easily.
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    Ditto it, leaves your ACC for other things.

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    At the HD dealer, they have HD Cigar Lighter (w/cover) that wires to ACC Deutsh connector in the battery compartment, hardwire to headlamp (it is already fused w/ plenty of reserve) for the 500mA draw of your Tom-Tom worst case, but it is powered off with the ignition switch.

    I wired mine similar to BigLew using the existing Battery Tender plug (you buy the mate connector wire with eyelets (cut them, but reverse polarity). Ultimately your accessory outlet is +12V at center, the outer shell is ground.

    Reversal is due to the fact you are using the modified cord as an accessory and not a source. Wired this way...it is LIVE all the time, so I can use it to charge my cell phone or listen to tunes, without the bike ignition on. The downside is you must remember to unplug, or turn off your accessory or you will run down your battery.
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    I am thinkng about getting the car mounting kit for the rider 2 , I hope that it comes with a lighter charger that I can use on the bike . The battery on the gps is good for 5 hrs so I dont have to keep it plug in all the time , I can just plug it in when it needs a little boost . I think that I would like to take off the docking unit when I am just cruising around familiar areas & I dont need a gps . Can anyone tell me if the car docking unit come with a lighter charger ?