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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bikernick, Apr 11, 2010.

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    I recently got a RAM mount for my Garmin GPS unit and it works great. Only problem is that the battery doesn't last that long. I'm riding a Road King and don't have a cigarettly lighter or auxuliary outlet like the other touring models.

    What's the best way to hook my GPS unit to the battery/power supply?
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    I'm faced with a similar issue with a new Zumo for an Ultra since I dont want to use the cig lighter and plan to direct wire it to some sort of switched power but I'm just not sure which one yet.

    Have you looked at any of the sites that sell wiring kits for the GPS units to tie them into your fuse box with a switched source?

    I'm wondering how the OEM HD Garmin unit is wired since that would be a good solution to try and pattern yours (and mine) after.
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    Scrounger I routed my power cord through the clutch cable hole in the fairing and did my power connection inside the fairing. The outter fairing comes off easily.
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    I connected my gps unit to the auxiliary connection located under the seat. You can get a plug from the HD dealer for about $10.00. There are three different connections and a ground if I remember correctly. One of these connections is connected to the ignition and will turn off the power with the ignition switch. On the Ultra it also connects to the Acc switch on the fairing.

    Hope that helps
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    there is a key on power only on the right side harness just forward of the neck right where you can get at it with out taking anything apart.. now on a RK it might be used by the fender light on my RKC it was empty and i tapped the radio and gps off of it
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    Bikernick, sorry don't know about RK, but Scrounger I have an 09 Ultra. I asked at dealership how they hooked up zumos. Told me they went into the fairing and wired to the headlight so that power would be on when ignition is on. I wanted to wire to the "aux" rocker so that I could turn it off if not using it. The guys on this forum walked me thru it last year. There is a four pin connector under seat wired to battery. It is buried a bit down the side of the battery. I ran my zumo power cord thru the side of the fairing and under the chrome trim across top of gas tank then under seat to battery. Only had to loosen the chrome trim, it was very easy. I used a $5 volt meter and checked each pin, found one pin hot off ignition (with ignition turned on), one hot off of "aux" rocker (with rocker turned on), a ground and fourth pin is for aux brake lights if you turn yellow blinkers into brake lights. Took about 5 mins to wire my zumo into the "aux" pin and ground. Couldn't have done it without all the advice on this site. Instead of cutting into the connector, I bought the following part number, 70264-94A, it is $18. It is called a "Switched Circuit Adapter Harness". It plugs into the pigtail under the seat and splits into two connectors, allowing two accessories to be connected to the switched accessory rocker circuit. I cut one to tie in my zumo, which left the other side intact just as if i still had the original plug available. Hope it helps, kinda hard to explain. Can take a pic if you need it.
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    Boomer, I'd appreciate a pic or two if you could. Then I'll start looking around on my bike for the connections. Thanks.
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    Look inside your headlamp housing, There is a black wire and and orange wire used for the international bikes. black is ground and orange is switched power. On my 04 they have female spade connectors. I used them power a GPS till I put a fairing on. Then I used accessory plug under the seat.
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    On the '09 RK, behind the headlight, there is a wihte/orange wire (positive)and a black wire (ground) that is unused. It works off the aux side of the ing. switch. I used these for my Zumo. Once I set the mount on the bars, ran the wireharness into the back of the headlamp, and made the connections there. 30 minute job, works fine!