Power Commander 5 & Gas Mileage

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by kardar, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. kardar

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    I got my 02 Heritage with 32748 kms dyno tuned (2nd time) about 3 weeks ago.

    I had actually got a Power commander 5 installed last year at dynotunes.ca and got it tuned at that time. This year when I started riding the bike again after the winter was over, it was ok in the begining but then it felt sluggish. i though may be once the stabilzed gas runs out and I fill a couple of times it will get better but no.

    So I took her back to the doctor :D. Bruce put her back on the dyno anf found that something was wrong with the PC5, so he replaced the PC (under warranty) even though I had not bought the unit from him. Second dyno run also was at no charge :worthy
    I did replace the rear brakes and gladly paid for that.
    In my opinion this is great customer service.
    The bike now feels like someone breathed life into it. I don't need to downshift as much I used to earlier.

    Now to another intresting part, I have a bad habit of making notes of mileage at every fill up. After the tune up, I filled the tank & started riding. Next fill up was after 141.5 kms and 8.1 ltrs of gas second fill up after 149.5 kms and filled 8.6 ltrs and tird fill up today was after 216.5 kms and needed 12.115 ltrs of gas.
    90% of this travel is city traffic and 10% highway.
    Before the tuneup my average was between 12-13 kms/ltr.

    Is this good average for an 02 heritage? This is my 2nd year of the ownership of this bike and I am enjoying every bit of it.

    S Kardar
  2. Animal

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    If you want any feed back from our U.S. friends you will have to convert all your info to miles per gallon. 3.8 liters per U.S. gal. and 1.6 klm. per mile. Good Luck!
  3. kardar

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    I was never very good at maths but I will give it a try :)

    1st fill - 17.46 kms/ltr = 49.34 miles/gal
    2nd fill - 17.38 kms/ltr = 49.09 miles/gal
    3rd fill - 17.87 kms/ltr = 50.47 miles/gal
  4. Trek

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    I think those are great numbers. I can't get mine much over 38 miles/gal but I do like the throttle a little too much I think.
  5. Thorns

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    With those mpg numbers are you sure the engine is getting fuel? :p Those are great numbers if the bike is running strong.

  6. Iceman24

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    Wow...that is one fuel sipping ride. Wish I could be in the mid 40's - still playing w/the TFI so I'm working the #'s.
  7. Robert Walter

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    08 Heritage copper top I averaged 40.75 from Bullhead Az to Phoenix AZ last week ,I rode 502 miles...80-85 when I could...Happy with those numbers at those speeds... I run a TFI
    You should be real happy with your's!!!
  8. SeaRider04

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    04 Heritage with TFI, in city 42-45 mpg. on highway 49-50 mpg.