Post Deployment Trip

Discussion in 'Road Trips/Touring' started by AdamOIFVet, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. AdamOIFVet

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    I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan and am planning a trip from NC back to Il with the wife after I get back this July. We plan on taking our time with lots of stops, I was wondering if anyone know's a nice route off the highways with some interesting stops? Any advice would be helpful!!
  2. Cyclops

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    Can't help with your route, but wanted wish you a safe return. Thanks for your service!
  3. JBC2565

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    Might want to look on the H.O.G. website. They have a trip advisor that might help.
    Thank you for your service and get your butt home!!!!
    Brother just got back in October fron Bagram Air Base.
  4. Keith 09 Ultra

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    I wanted to thank you for what your doing over there. As you can tell from my picture it is in honor of my son who is serving in Afghanistan also. Along with a tour in Iraq which he survived a direct hit of a 800 lb IED in a mrap that killed one of his buddies and messed him up pretty bad. I don’t know why but he seems to love what he is doing. My hat to ALL of you serving in the military. Come back safe and ENJOY your ride.
  5. sharpscuba

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    First and foremost I salute you and thank you for your service. You and your fellow soldiers are the pillars that hold up a nation that some are trying to crumble. As for planning your trip, well let me say that if you find your way here to Wisconsin it would be my honor to guide you to all the Harley sites that were born right here in Milwaukee.
  6. Mattman4403

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    Thank you for your service
    As for a route from North Carolina, you did not mention where you were starting so I will just make a few suggestions.
    North Carolina has a lot of great roads. Lets say Ashville for a starting point. You can do a tour of the Biltmore Estate. Kind of a neat thing to see. Now slide over and pick up the Blue Ridge Parkway. Great views and fun ride. Stop at the lodge for lunch. When you get to Hwy 19 go west to 28 take that north to Deals Gap and then head down 129 (or up if you want to run Tail of the Dragon) Anyway, going south you will come to 143 head west and you will wind up in Telleco Planes Tn. From there make your way to Gattlinburg Tn (kind of a tourist place) and check out Old Smokey Distillery. From there find your way to Owensboro Ky and take in Moonlight BBQ. At this point you are just below Indiana. Depending on where you are going you have a lot of options
    Thanks again and enjoy the ride
  7. martin14

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    A safe return, and thank you for your service !
  8. harley@16

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    Thank you for your service in Afghanistan, I have a son-in-law returning from Monti in a week and we are so excited to have him come home so I know what you and your family are going through. Enjoy your trip I know you'll have fun, keep it safe.