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    I have a 2002 Roadking Fuel Injected,with 16000 miles, that acts like it is starving for fuel. The first mile I drive there is no problem, but then it starts to sputter and act like a clogged filter. It idles fine. I removed the fuel pump and checked the lines and the filter sock. No visible cracks and the sock was clean. I replaced the gas and added injector cleaner but problem still exists. New plugs installed too. No check engine light is on. Could it be a coil problem? If so wouldn't the check engine light be on? HELP:
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    Did you check the flex line inside the tank and the filter inside? Check the outlet for obstructions and the fuel hose.
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    First, check this out:

    Harley Davidson Forums

    Then, I would replace the fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator that are inside the tank with the pump. As pointed out in the link, inspect the fuel line carefully for pinholes.

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    In addition to all of the above, I would also check for a loose injector wire; very common and produces similar symptoms.
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    +1 on that one. Also, injector wires are subject to a lot of vibration, so if insufficient service loop is provided between fixed and moving areas (like frame and injector), you can develop a wire break, inside the insulation. This can connect and not connect, intermittently, especially after the area warms up and gets more flexible. I have seen bad crimps on the injector connector(s), that connect most of the time, but again, once everything is warm and flexible, the connection is able to move and intermittently disconnect. This stuff won't throw a code unitl it gets really bad. The ECM can see an open injector wire, and throw a code, but it won't until it has seen an open for some number of cycles in a row.

    If your fuel pressure regulator is sticking in the more open position, you could have what you describe. It may have enough fuel pressure to run at low demands, like idle. But, when demand increases, she runs out of juice. Also, while the engine is warming up, the ECM is providing just a bit more injector "on" time (for a richer mix). This could compensate for low fuel rail pressure, until the engine warms up. Your low fuel rail pressure can be due to a sticking pressure regulator. The pump is a constant pressure, but the demand changes, hence the pressure wants to vary. The pressure regulator bypasses all un-needed pressure/fuel back into the tank.

    You could have a rub hole in your internal fuel line. Not a crack, but a rub hole, from the fuel line rubbing on the inside of the tank. You will see the rub spot as a place where the line has 2 or 3 small dark spots in a row, on the line ribs. In the early stages, you could get the symptoms you descibe, due to low fuel rail pressure.

    Good luck,
    Rich P
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    Check for intake gasket leak. Spray wd-40 around intake at jugs.See if you get any change in rpm.
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    Could this be a venting problem? Once the engine starts to sputter how long before you can start it and have it run another mile? Try loosening the gas cap to see if the engine starts to run right.
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    Had similar problem on 2002 FLSTFI. Pin hole in pressure line inside tank. Had to put ear to the tank to hear hissing after it pressured up. Would not hold pressure.
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