Possible Damage ?

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    I'm new.. My name is Jay and I have a 1995 Fat Boy.. It has Vance & Hines Short Shots,, Will it do engine damage to take out the baffles ???
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    not really ,but you will loose some low end torque

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    Welcome to HDT...

    Tuning is a problem with short-shots to start with... removing Baffles WILL LEAN it out further.

    IF and I say "IF" it was tuned correctly and had the proper amount of fuel and air working the motor IT WON'T when the Baffles are removed...

    TOO lean a condition does harm any motor: Usually the exhaust valves and pistons get way too hot. Damage will result.

    Now to run around the block a couple of times until the police give you a Fat Ticket... More damage then to the Wallet then the motor...:D

    RE-jetting is needed IF you remove the baffles...

    Just food for thought.:s

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    could in the long run if you jerk it around enough. it's best to do what vance & hines suggested - or put back OEM harley on it

    you cange that you change the air flow

    air going one way exits pipe but (are you an engineer ?) sophisticated equations set up and send a vacuum pulse toward the valve to help it close. this matters more on cheap engines and or bikes tuned for highest performance (valves greedily adjusted :) they even do a thing now which while balancing pressure out and back pulse to pull valve also the pulses cancel to reduce noise (on cars)

    wrong back pressure will cause engine to run poor and that in turn can cause in a long period of time: gum up engine and valve problems

    so. unless you really want to do the engineering on air flow for your (current mods) for a harley

    don't mess with it - not worth it. i hear baffles are good if you can afford them and they are SUPPOSED to be there

    if they are supposed to be (designed to be) there

    you pay to put them in would anyone do that if they weren't good ? :)
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