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  1. artisan

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    so i picked up my Dyna FXDC on saturday,it is a 2010 model & my 1st big Harley so i was very excited indeed.
    after i had got it home & calmed down a bit i gave the bike a good once over,here's what i found.
    although the bodywork was clean the chassis & engine are filthy,this bike was not even washed.
    it has not had a service for 2 years & the dealer has not done one before i picked it up as they say "it isn't due for another 2000 miles"
    the tyres are shot,almost down to the wear bars & squared off,the bike feels strange in the turns as the square edge flops onto the curved edge of the tyre.
    i'm still waiting for a response from the dealer but i am thinking of contacting H'D' themselves.
    i paid top dollar for this bike as once sorted it will be a very nice example but i didn't expect to do the sorting my self.:(
  2. mat 60

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    I hope this comes out right..:)...I do believe if they told you they would wash and service the bike then they should have....As far as the tires, its unfortunate that you didn't notice them sooner....My self...Id l give it a bath .....I would try to get them to service the bike if that was part of the deal...Doesnt sound like a good dealer and maybe after this you may try a different one or get a service manual and do the service yourself if you are incline to do so...I hope this works out for you and would like to no what happtens....:)

  3. HDDon

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    Caveat Emptor-Let the buyer beware. While I agree that it would be in the dealer's best interest to deliver a serviced, clean and safe bike, it is up to all of us to make sure that those types of things are done before we sign on the bottom line. When you go back to the dealership try to be as calm as you can and see if they will work with you. If they refuse chalk it up to experience and look for another dealer to have you bike taken care of. JMO
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    I know the thrill of the purchase can be overwhelming and often totally blanks out our logical mind. None of these things happened between the dealer and your home. All should have been addressed at the dealership and been part of the negotiation. Now that you've got the bike home, it's time to stay focused on your future hours of enjoyment. Wash it up, get a service manual, get some new tires, and enjoy it!
  5. dbmg

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    This is very unfortunate. You get so caught up in the emotion of a new purchase, dealer take advantage of this, and short cuts the process. If you paid for 100% price, they need to sell you 100% bike. The unfortunate thing is how much $$$$ do you think these clown are going to get from you if the dealer does not correct its error of ways......
  6. Webbtron

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    Yep this will prove valuable in future dealings, it stinks but counts in the prior experience category. I would think they'll compensate to a degree, let up know how it goes.
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  7. artisan

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    thanks guys i'll keep you informed.
    i actually bought this bike unseen as i was looking at a switchback but couldn't quite afford that but the dealer phoned me & told me about this bike,which was described as immaculate condition.
    i phoned H'D' customer services & they were not impressed at all so now i am awaiting there response.
  8. HDDon

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    If that was the dealers description than I think you should let the dealer see what condition you got it in. I would like to think that it was supposed to be cleaned up and safety checked before you took ownership.
  9. fin_676

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    If i were you i would be speaking to the owner of the dealer as he might be more receptive to maintaining a good name for his dealership
    But tyres worn down to the wear bar should never have left their premises and as to the servicing not due for another 2000 miles and nothing done for 2 years is pretty bad
    My bikes are older bikes and i use the time or mileage interval which ever comes first there may be more information in your hand book on any time intervals between services but brake fluid if it is dot 4 should be replaced every 2 years as it is hygroscopic and picks up moisture from the air and in this country there is a lot of moisture in the air for it to pick up
    So i think you have a very valid reason to be just a wee bit annoyed with the dealership as they have sent you out on a bike that could be dangerous remember they are the experts and should be keeping you safe it should not be up to you to find the problems and fix them you could have saved money and done a private sale if you were looking to self fix


    P.s. i bought a used car from local ford dealer 6 weeks ago it has been back three times but all of the faults have been sorted at no cost to me apart from the inconvenience of not having my car on those days
  10. YnotBiker

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    Have you documented what has been going on? It might help if you have it in writing, or a phone message, about what you were offered and what you received. If not, maybe you should start taking pictures and making notes. Use the pictures to post a Yelp review. Tell the dealership owner you will give them a great review if they help you or a bad review if they do not. (You can also mention the older review organizations like the Better Business Bureau or the state consumer protection bureau.)

    I got a great price on a used car a few months ago and part of the deal was that I write a great review on Yelp.com. Good Luck!