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    Hey, new here, I have a 2001 road king classic, 80k miles, Magnetti-Marelli,
    vance and hines pro pipe 2-1, andrews 37G gear drive cams .510 lift, K & N air filter, screaming eagle heads, 95" bore kit, power commander to match upgrades. good power, runs great, just gulps the gas. should I just accept the mpg or look for????
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    Welcome to The Forum, what is your current mileage?:s
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    Capital Jack, thanks for the reply, I've got 80K on the bike, all the upgrades have been over many years, as long as I can remember, gas light comes on at roughly 125 miles. Currently only getting 30 mpg, riding with most other bikes and their mileage is better, one an Ultima 113 getting close to 50mpg and a 1990 classic with 80" up to 88 and close to 50mpg.
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    It could just be that the Power Commander mapping is just a little over the top. Since your not a closed loop system (O2 sensors), you easily can be overly rich at mid cruise speeds. To pinpoint the problem would require measuring the HC (hydrocarbon) of the exhaust. That tells you how overly rich you are and how much fuel your just wasting.

    You can't go by your spark plugs or how the exhaust looks. But be sure the plugs & wires are in good shape. Air filter is clean also. Those will make hydrocarbons (wasted fuel) go up fast. If the spark advance curve was altered it would/could drastically change fuel economy. A sluggish MAP sensor can also cause poor mileage. Excessive fuel pump pressure or a weeping injector can do it.

    Lots of things can and will affect gas mileage. More info is needed about the bike......
    Not saying to replace a bunch of parts. Just throwing out a few possibilities that can be tested using the right tools. But at 30 miles a gallon highway, I would bet your HC & CO at the tail pipe are both sky high. Gasoline is chemical energy and it has to be going somewhere.
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    Did you have the motor built or did you buy it like that? Seems like a tune is in need. I basicly got the same motor as you. Different cams and pipe. I was only getten 32 MPG this past weekend. I had a head wind. That played a difference for 1. I havent had my bike tuned neither for 2 and I like to ride fast for 3..... (EDIT)!!

    Averaged 42 MPG when I went to Sturgis this yr thow. Lots of factors to play into the MPGs.

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