Polishing / Cleaning Spoke / Laced Wheels

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    I have issues keeping my 2004 softtail spokes clean and shiny, Rite now I use a very fine steel wool with a little Simichrome on it. It does the trick but man is it difficult to do. I have used luster lace too and that is even harder. I find it almost impossible to clean or polish the hubs. I also see alot of guys with dingy wheels out there so I'm not the only one. Anyone got some suggestions???????
  2. glider

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    Once you get them clean, use some pledge on them. I never used anything abrasive because it damages the finish. I feel even chrome polish is too abrasive. The object is to not let them get dirty enough to require heavy cleaning if looks are important to you.

    Pledge Uses - Harley Davidson Community
  3. M' one.

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    I always keep an old tooth brush in my detailing kit for those hard to reach areas, a long thin cotton rag is also good for getting the hubs clean, wrap it all the way around the hub until the ends cross over and pull back and forwards.
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    A Dremel tool with one of the "soft cotton?" fiber pads works well, with a bit of semi-crome if they are too grimey, then the Pledge or chrome wax keeps them bright and shiny.
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    Im a big fan of the Eagle 1 Never Dull. I use it on what little chrome I have, and it makes it shine brighter than it did when it was new.

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    Steel wool and polishing abrasives will damage the finish by putting micro-scratches which will make cleaning tougher the next time. Same reason why you do not use steel wool micro particles on alloy surfaces, (disimilar metals cause corrosion) especially when wet...think chemical reactions like batteries.

    You might want to try Simple Green using a finger nail nylon/natural bristle brush and old toothbrush for hard to reach spots for 'bout 10 minutes of through brushing, followed by flush with plenty of water afterwards and use a hair dryer, blower or motorcyle air force blower to dry quickly. Once clean, use Glider's PLEDGE sparingly, to preserve and inhibit dirt and brake dust from damaging spoke wheels. Do not get PLEDGE on rubber tires or leather.

    May want to change brake pads to lower dusting type in the future as well. JMO :D