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    stopped by our local hd store today and bought all the goodies to do a service on bikes. 1 is a 01 heritage classic {carb} the other is a 03 ultra {efi} both have stage 1.bought k&n air filters for both and SE plugs for both.01 has alredy been jetted and 03 has been mapped with stage 1. ??? with more air flow from k&n filters will i need to have jets changed or remap the efi.whats your thoughts on the SE Sparks plugs.i know i really dont need thim with just a stage 1but i thought i would give them a try.while i was in the mood for change i am switching from syn3 in all the holes to mobil 1v twin 20-50 in engine,mobil 1 synthetic gear 75-90 in tranny and hd formula + in primary.hope this would make Glider proud LOL
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    Funny ... I was told by the local HD dealer they are no longer selling SE plugs and they had a recall on them .... guess 1 of the tabs would fall off into cylinder.
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    That's why some are refered to as stealers......