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  1. Irish Hog

    Irish Hog Junior Member

    Don't know if anyone has seen it yet, but I was browsing around the store today on this rainy day and saw that Pledge now has a multi surface cleaner. It does label chrome as one of the surface cleaners..Did you try it yet Glide??

    New! Pledge® Multi Surface Cleaner
  2. glider

    glider Veteran Member

    I'm big on sticking with a product that I know works and not changing for the fancy labels and packaging.
  3. walleye

    walleye Junior Member Contributor

    I have used the streak free pledge. I can tell you it works better from experience. There is definetely a different product than the original. It works better IMHO. Now I suppose my paint will peel soon!:(
  4. Davidw2415

    Davidw2415 Senior Member

    I saw a can of it on our kitchen counter this morning. I guess my wife must have got on her last trip to the store. Maybe I'll have to commandeer it and give it a try on the Fatboy.
  5. 01dynaglide

    01dynaglide Junior Member

    Let us know how it works. I'm going to clean mine Thursday. I might have to give it a try.
  6. pookibr

    pookibr Active Member

    Hmmmm......Ive been using that stuff around the house for over a year. Works great for dusting furniture and your tv glass. I doubt that it would make your bike shine as well as the pledge. Altho I havent tried it on my scoot. Reason I say is its more a cleaner than a polisher.
  7. tlyoungb

    tlyoungb Junior Member

    I just give the bike a good washing with soap and water, blow it dry and then use [​IMG]. This stuff is really easy to put on, and wipe off. Leaves a great shine, and the water just beads up and rolls off.
  8. Sharky1948

    Sharky1948 Junior Member

    It's the silicone in Pledge that fills the minor swirls and makes it shine. Really any silicone based product will do it. My father-in-law really smiled when I mentioned that I used it on the scoot. He's an old used-car dealer...and always used Pledge to dress things up for sale! :)
  9. Irish Hog

    Irish Hog Junior Member

    I have seen Harley Glaze and have never tried it. I actually use a product called crystal glo. It is great it comes in a kit and you get a bottle of wash, leather cleaner which works great, a bottle of acrylic wax and a detailer bottle of wax and some plexi cleaner. You also get two flannel 100% cotton rags that really shine it up nice. The stuff works great, I can honestly say that the bike looks "wet" when your done. I'm sure other stuff does the same, but I really like these products. I did try Pledge on the chrome this week and it worked pretty good. I will probably keep using it. I was just interested in the multi-surface Pledge because the other day I cleaned our stainless steel appliances with the original Pledge and it did a horrible job. It left smudges and swirls and was hard to get off. I bought a product called Weiman stainless steel cleaner last night and it is the best stuff I have ever used for the appliances. It goes on like silk and the stuff is left shinning..

    I am going out to the garage today to do the front spokes, they have lost their luster, so I read on another board that you can use Shout laundry cleaner to clean your spokes?? The guy said it works great. I also read that you can use aluminum foil and water. I am going to try both and see what happens.
  10. Triple T

    Triple T Member

    yes, have tried the multi-pupose pledge, works great, and the have the wipes, so you can take with to spot shine if necessary..........sure hope it is the same ie, nothing in it to harm the paint................

    just looked it up, it contains no wax, thus you can do your glass etc with no sure the wax is an important factor..........
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