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  1. Jake1991jake

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    My friend wants to buy a 2004 Road King classic with 12,000km on it. Seller is asking $11,500 for it. It has scratches on the petrol tank on top, not mint mint condition. Any advise on this? First time Harley owner and we have no idea on this sell, if it's good or bad
  2. joel

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    I think you should find out from a local indy on a buyers inspection. My cost someting but if it is able to help you feel better about knowing what the bike needs before buying it, than it would be worth it. And with a list of needs you may get the price down.
    Swing by a paint supply or body shop to see what can be done on the scratches. culd be a good buff will soften them some.
  3. dolt

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    Would have to see pictures, etc. to make a clear call but those bikes are selling anywhere from $7500 to $9500 depending on mileage, condition, etc. Have the cam chain tensioners been upgraded or changed? Is it fuel injected or carbed? Still 88" motor? Any performance upgrades, i.e., hi-flow air filter/exhaust? What is the condition of the tires? Has the bike been dealer serviced? Any maintenance records? The list goes on. Tell your friend to check Kelly Blue Book, get some comps from Ebay or other online sources. $11.5 is too much............;)
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