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  1. JayTea

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    could you please teach me how to properly refuel my 883Low? Will the nozzle work as if it's used with a car (meaning auto shut off when the gas tank is full...etc?)

    Anything else should I watch out for or be careful about? What gas type is best for the bike?

    This is my first time ever..and I dont want it to be a messy experience.

    Thanks in advance:bigsmiley21:
  2. Breeze3at

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    Yep, the nozzle auto shuts off when it sensed fuel. Best to start out with the nozzle deep into the tank and let it shut off, then withdraw it a little and go again. Practice a gentle squeeze, you can control the flow. Keep a rag/paper towel in hand. Don't try to get tippy top full until you have the hang of it. Good luck, happy riding, and welcome to the world of H.D
  3. softailhog

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    Bikes need Premium, at least 91 octane.
  4. R. Lewis

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    Personally -JMO --- But I would not rely on the auto shut-off !!!!! If you have the scoot on the kick stand leaning as your filling the tank - more gas to one side than the other. If your sitting on your scoot while filling , no need to use auto! Squeeze the handle and use a high octane rated fuel!!
  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    Auto shutoff is just a back up for me. I know about how much I'm going to need so I stop about a gallon short of that and sneak up on it until it's pretty full. Like previously mentioned, no need to try to squeeze every drop in unless you know you're heading out on a long stretch with no gas stations.

    As a side note, I bought one of those "gas cuff" devices, used it once or twice, and never again. Waste of money IMHO.
  6. TQuentin1

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    Nobody's laughin', Brother. We have ALL been there! (Of course some of us so long ago we can remember gas at less than a quarter!!)

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    Man that was the days!!
  8. OutlawNomad

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    No one is going to laugh,
    I think its cool that you want to protect your scoot.
    Here is how I do it.
    I put the nozzle in the tank (like you would with a car) and start filling pressing the handle about 1/2 way. When the auto shutoff clicks you are pretty much full.
    if you want you can pull the boot back on the nozzle and slowly top off the tank.
    Just remember to shake the nozzle out before you start filling sometimes excess fuel can be in the nozzle from the previous fill.
    Always use premium and just take your time. What you may want to do the first couple times is take a rag with you and lie it across your tank in-case there is some splashing but if you proceed slowly you will not have a problem.

    If the task still seems scary just finish fueling when the auto shutoff kicks in and forget about topping off.
    Good luck and let us know how it goes
  9. ngjandm

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    be aware that there are some gas nozzles that retain some gas in the hose so as soon as you move the nozzle over your bike, without even squeezing, sometimes gas spills out. this is rare, but on occasion, i get some gas all over if the pump hoze/nozzle has this problem.

    had to edit, didn't read the last post from outlawnomad, about the previous fill.
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  10. HD4ME!

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    I agree the gas cuff thingy is a waste, although I did use it more with my 07 RK due to the fuel opening being on the right side of the tank. The opening on my 08 EGUC is in the middle so there is no need. I don't bother toping off as 99% of the time gas will splash all over tank, just not worth it. After the tank is full I gently lift the nozzle giggle it on top of the gas opening then take the gas cap and place it under the nozzle so I don't drip any gas on the tank while returning the nozzle back to the pump.