Pipes, seats and filters

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    Hey I have been riding since the 58 and things have really changed from my Triumph TR6, Sportster, Honda 750F, back to HD Dyna Low rider and now MY cadi the 2008 SG, black pearl :worthy. Always done minor stuff on the wrenching, but with the SG I want to stay up close and personal. I installed the passing light kit with help from my unknown friends on this forum and should have paid closer attention. Had to ride to the shop to align tumblers in the steering/key/lock assy. Have added Samson ovals, stage 1 and KN filter only.

    Any one know if they make true duals in the reasonable price with Calif. exhaust sensors? Need suggestions on a good seat, like basket weave like the RK with the HD emblem, but need narrower horn due to my vertical challenge at 5'9" and heavy with back problems. I loved my Saddlemans bannana seat on my old dyna, but too small for long rides. I am not into street racing but would like to be able to get out of the way, so I want to go to a new intake system that won't stick out. I have many used parts for shipping cost only, off of the Dyna, including a set of leather bags.

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