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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by far deparment, Aug 13, 2011.

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    I have an 05 FXD, stage 4 SE kit, Bassani Pro Streets, 94hp, 94tq. Love the look of the Bassani`s,, and the sound, but I`ve moved to the big city (downtown Baltimore) and I'm looking for a (somewhat) quieter exhaust without giving up any flow or power. I want to stick with a stepped header design, but a 2:1 instead of the 2:2 like the Pro Streets. I'm looking seriously at the new Bassani Road Rage 2 (short #1D5250B) or Vance and Hines` Competition Series(75-108-9), or maybe something from Hacker. (I know the VH isn`t designed for my bike, but I guess that`s just a matter of making a new hanger bracket, right?) Any thoughts on whether either of these pipes will make any difference in sound or power? Any other pipe suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    Umm those are nice, have seen them and they are what I would want if I had the money. You're on the right track with a 2 into 1 (unless you're drag racing at top end rpms) and the 75-108-9's are nice.

    If sound is an issue I would ask V&H's if they come with a quiet baffle. I have V&H's Big Shots (duals) and they were so loud are certain rpms the harmonics were affecting my hearing on long rides. I recently put the quiet baffles in. They are not all that much quieter but the frequency of sound is different. More polite and deeper and less blap blap. Much quieter around 2600 cruising rpms. No harmonic vibrations in the little bones of my old ears. I love um.

    The stock baffles are merely just a perforated cylinder open at both ends so they really are just straight thru. The quiet baffles have a plate at the end inside the pipe which forces the travel around it and down the sides and thru a series of good sized holes. I feel like I have a bit of more low end torque with the quiet baffles in (even with duals).
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    If I were to go with a 2:1 I would give serious consideration the the D&D Fatcat or Borazilla.

    DD Exhaust | Harley Davidson | 1995~2005 - Harley Dyna - 411-32B - 2:1 Fatcat Full system

    DD Exhaust | Harley Davidson | 1995~2005 - Harley Dyna - 461-32B - 2:1 Boarzilla Full system

    I like the look and sound of these although I can't say they are all that quiet but everything I have read about them in the performance category has been nothing but good.

    Nothing wrong with the V&H either. Like RWB I am running V&H True Duals and opted for the quiet baffles to tone them down a bit. Had an issue with a tailpipe breaking off and V&H replaced it no questions asked, very pleased with the service I received.
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    +1 on D&D Fatcat or Borazilla also, there many good makers of pipes. V&H's is the only one I had experience with. They are good to work with. But lately you have to call on the phone to get help. A year ago they were still answering email but that ain't happening no more.
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    Super Trapps 2 into 1

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    +1 on the Supertrap if you want performance AND quiet. Many will tell you the Fatcat is loud, even with the quiet baffle. 'Zilla is louder and also too much pipe for motors less than 117" or so. You might also want to consider the R&B Black Hole.

    FWIW, I ran a V&H PP HS and thought it was tolerable and a very good performer. Noise is a very subjective topic.