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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by weblefty, Jun 14, 2011.

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    Okay. I know this is going to sound strange, but I have to throw this out there. Surely, someone else has seen this. I recently changed my air filter on my 2000 FXDX. It's a cloth type filter (standard HD style air cleaner). I put the oil on it and installed it. I noticed that I had a bit of oil dripping out of the cleaner and when I wiped it off, it was pinkish red. It looked almost exactly like tranny fluid. I know for a fact that I have no fluids of that color in my scoot and even if I did, how would it get where I found it? Has anyone experienced this? Is it possible that the heat is changing the color of the air filter oil or maybe the cloth from the filter is discoloring the oil? I dont know, but maybe you guys will. The bike runs great, btw. No issues whatsoever other than a little bit of pop when I chop the throttle from higher RPM's, but then its always doen that. Thoughts?

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    I'd suggest to spray a little of that oil on a white toilet tissue and see what color it turns..

    I think it May be the colors from dyes in the filter element.. No problem I can see....RIDE

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    K&N filter oil is pink. Possibly the last person to service your filter used that.
    If you are the only one that has serviced it, I got nothin' else.:laugh
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    As breeze mentioned, the K&N oil is a red color like trans fluid and if you over oil the filter it will drip a bit on the nose cone of the engine when hot for a while until the excess is gone.

    Be sure first off that the filter you have NEEDS oil. The standard stage 1 from HD is a paper filter that does not get oiled but can be washed. You can usually distinguish between the two in that the HD filter looks like paper compared to a look of gauze in the K&N filter.

    When oiling the K&N after cleaning and letting it AIR DRY, you just put a line around the center of the filter then let it wick out and touch up a tad if there are any white areas but don't over oil it or it makes a mess on the engine. There's also a spray can of the K&N oil to recharge the filters, it's a bit more user friendly and easier to use. Usually found in auto parts stores.
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    If K&N and over oiled it will drip pink for a few days no need to worry too much:s
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    Thanks for all the replies. It wasnt K and N oil. It was air filter oil, but it was light brown (cant remember the brand). The filter cloth was dyed a bluish color, so who knows. It runs good so I;m going to stop worrying about it. Thanks again.
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    K&N make rechargeable air filters and recharge kits that use a red coloured oil as others have mentioned.
    While it may not be a K&N filter if it is a re-useable type filter someone could very well use the K&N recharge kit with the red (pink) oil.