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    Stg. Devin Snyder was KIA by a IED her funeral is Saturday June 18 in Wayland-Cohocton area NY. Check with the site for time and place.
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    Role call for Stg. Devin Snyder , does anyone know the whereabouts of this soldier who served honorably. Yes, God is sending the PGR to stand for him and call him home for good.

    Let's roll.

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    Amen TQ. Thanks for posting.

    SharpScuba and Smitty have told me in the past about honoring women also. Evidently I tend to post male oriented. But I certainly don't mean that. Women Vets are every bit as much a Vet and our sister as any bother Vet. Especially one that has paid the highest price.

    Devin Snyder, 20, was a Specialist rank in the US Army Military Police, was killed in Afghanistan last Saturday.

    Her father, Edward Snyder, is a US Navy Veteran and two of her siblings are currently serving in the Navy and Army.

    SPC Devin Snyder has been pothumously promoted to SGT.

    She and 3 others died of wounds suffered June 4, in Laghman province, Afghanistan, when insurgents attacked their unit with an improvised explosive device. They were assigned to the 793rd Military Police Battalion, 3rd Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska

    Rest in peace Sister Devin, you earned the honor we show you.

    YouTube - ‚Ä™Tribute to the Patriot Guard Riders‚Ĩ‏
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    With all the respect of a fellow soldier I stand here with you as you enter into the kingdom of our father. God Bless you SGT Devin Snyder. Without soldiers like you this Country would fall. I salute you for your ultimate sacrifice and pray that it will not be in vain. There are no words that can justify the loss that your family must feel but I hope that in prayer they will feel the joy you have found as you enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Our Country is less in that we no longer have you to stand guard against all those that seek to destroy us. Thank you for your service and a thank you to your family for sharing you to provide us with Freedom. God Bless!