Perfect Timing!

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Sharky1948, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Sharky1948

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    Picked up my bike at the dealer yesterday afternoon with all the engine upgrades, etc. It sounds, feels and looks awesome!

    Got it home, put up the Cycle Shell (which I love BTW), tucked it in and it began to snow! I'm off to St. Croix for a week to do some diving, so I'm OK with the snow! It'll all be gone, the salt and sand off the roads, and there will be clear skies and warm air when I return! RIGHT!!!:s
  2. threesteps

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    St Criox........ya can't go wrong, gotta have a great time. Snow, ice, salt all gone in a week............well, at least you're an optimist!:s
  3. sharpscuba

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    Well I am jealious,,Diving in St.Croix for a week.Post a few pic's when you get back.Not to sure about the snow, salt and sand off the roads though.Good luck on that one we have a couple more weeks to see that happen at least around here.
  4. Sharky1948

    Sharky1948 Junior Member

    LOL. Yes, I'll post some pics.

    I'm looking forward to some easy recreational diving. I need a break from doubles, trimix, and deco in cold water!

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Congrats on your ride, and makes sense to go south for the winter...and yes I am an optimist too, your ride will be there willing and ready when you get back!
  6. Irish Hog

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    I just got back myself from a few dives in Puerto Morelos. I wish I could have stayed another week. I am planing on going to Phuket Thailand next. How long you been diving?? I had some pics to post, but somehow or another I am having problems uploading them. I bought a new underwater camera and it is not uploading pictures the same as my regular camera, not to mention I blurred out about half the pictures. The camera worked great, but you have to hold it very steady or the pictures really get blurred. Oh well, I know better next dive..
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  7. fin_676

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    well mid last week had -10 c at night warming up to -1 at mid day
    monday the thaw set in as the ground is saturated from a year of almost constant rain the melting snow turned the roads to rivers
    much worse than driving on the snow
    so the roads had all the salt and sand washed off them and now in pretty good condition
    got one oil leek to fix on the dyna (inner primary) if i get a move on might get it out for a wee bit sunday afternoon expecting 10 c sunday