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    Last Friday I called in a parts order to my local HD shop. It's an hour and a half away, so I always call it in first. One part I ordered was a Fuel Filter kit for my 08' FLSTC. I had been in my tank already because it's getting paint. Had just prepped it and dropped it off at the painter.

    So I go to the HD shop and they had about half of my parts, the rest will be in the this week. No biggy. One of the parts they had was my Fuel Filter Kit. I opened it and it seemed right by memory... and was $68. But when I got it home it wasn't even close.

    Someone (I think Jack) had posted Ronnie's Harley Parts Finder. So I did some surfing. I found what I needed and looked up the part number. $17...

    I called my HD shop and told them the kit they gave me was wrong and gave them the new number (couple digits different). After being on hold for about 20 minutes, she (I call her the Chrome Queen) told me that it was the new kid's fault. "He doesn't even ride bikes and know nothing about catologs..." she said. Then she told me that the part they gave me was for a 2007 FLSTC. But they couldn't find the part number I gave them so it must be wrong. I told her that I was certain it was correct. She said she would talk to their senior mechanic and get back to me. About an hour later she called back. My part number was correct, they had one, opened it and described it to me and it's correct, and was only $17. She said that she and the head mechanic spent a half hour looking at parts manuals and stuff on the shelf befor they finally found it. Claimed that my Fuel Filer is listed in the 08'Dyna book, not the 08' ST book...

    Then she offered me a job to replace the non-riding kid who works with her. I told her to save the spot for me and I'll be there in 7 years when I retire...

    Thanks Jack!

    Harley-Davidson® Parts Finder RONNIE'S HARLEY-DAVIDSON PITTSFIELD, MA (800) 253-7667
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    looks like a great site to check on parts before ordering.
    I put it in my favorites.