Painting a new front spoiler

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Ricochet, Apr 11, 2010.

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    HD has discontinued the Bullet Color-Matched Front Spoiler for my 2007 FXSTC (Part# 57039-08BXY Fire Red Pearl). I purchased a new spoiler of a different color off of EBay.

    I am fairly good with a can of aerosol paint and have found the paint color and clear coat I need on the Color Rite website. My question is how to prep the spoiler. My best guess would to use a very fine grit sandpaper to rough up the new surface clear coat then prime, paint and clear coat.

    Any guidance as to how many coats (paint & clear coat), how to prep between coats, etc. would be appreciated or is this something I should leave up to a professional painter?

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    Ricochet, while there will be others who will weigh in shortly, most HD paints are available in the PPG brand I believe and there are several threads on paint selection, preparation and application. Look into the Self Help tab and do use the Search tab using key words to find details on painting/touchup operations. You will be pleasantly surprised by how helpful our members are in helping out.
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    I would recommend a wet sanding with 600 grit automotive paper, then a prime coat ( maybe with an additive for plastic/abs adhesion). Follow it up with 2 coats of base coat with a 1200 grit wet sanding then a final coat. 1200 grit wetsand again, spray a few coats of clear and 2000 wetsand and buff to finish. This is simply my process. Good luck and keep it away from dust and dirt! hahaha
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    If the part is already painted there is no need to prime it.Simply sand it with 600 wet as mentioned and paint.Color right is a descent sight but extremely pricey for there product.

    If you have the paint code your local autobody supplier can make you an aerosol can with your color (if thats the direction you choose to go).I wouldnt recomend using aerosol on a bike as it is not a catalyst hardend product and will chip rather easily.But for the short investment it will cost you compaired to using a profesional paint line,its worth a shot.
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    It is already painted. Thanks guys for the input. I'll post some photo's, as long as it doesn't look a like a dried prune when I am done!