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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by jerryw618, Aug 15, 2009.

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    hello all i have a small scratch in the paint on my fuel tank, its a 2007 xl883 low with black cherry pearl paint . i got the touch up paint from the dealer today it is 2 part, paint and clear coat.

    i did search here for tips but i dont see any on how do i do this . do i need too clean the area first ? and after i apply the paint do i rub it down before the clear coat ? and then do i polish the whole area , tank or just buff the scratch area ? or what ???

    any help would be appreciated , as i want too keep it looking good . i get compliments on the bike everyday
  2. Gezzer Glide

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    Is the paint in a spray can or do you brush it on? Can you post some pics of the containers the paint is in? Never knew Harley had a b/c-c/c system for touch up. You will have to clean the area before you paint. Is the scratch deep or just in the clear? Where is the scratch located? Show some pics if you can...
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    If you run your fingernail diagonally across the scratch can you feel it? I had a mechanic scratch my tank recently. It was on the clearcoat only and he made good and buffed out the scratches and buffed both tanks up. Looked better than the last clean and shine I did with Pledge! Sounds like yours is a scratch that is deeper than clearcoat though. Do a google search for a book called 101 Harley-Davidson Performance projects. Some companies allow you to view whole sections of the book for free. It is located on page 230 under paint repair. Looks like you may need to purchase some sanding blocks, discs finishing material etc. It says $100 from Harley but you have some components already and it's cheaper than new paint. Good luck!