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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by colcop, Oct 8, 2009.

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    Hi All,
    I am trying to find the paint code for the Candy Cobalt Blue used on the 2007 CVO Road King.

    I have a fairing that I wish to get painted and, as I live in Singapore, cannot send to Gene or other custom painters to have it done.

    Many thanks:(
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    This is the only cobalt blue they offered for 07 Deep Cobalt pearl B/C 908850

    Its the color of my bike:D
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    Hi there........

    This is the blue on my CVO Road King - I was told it was Candy Cobalt Blue.

    Is it the same as the Deep Cobalt Blue??

    Many thanks for your help and replies........



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    Paint codes or numbers change from one paint line to another.PPG would be my paint of choice but may not be available in your area.The CVO paint schemes and colors are often unique.I can aquire a PPG code for your bike but it will do you no good without a PPG supplier.

    PPG,Dupont,Diamont/RM,Glasurret,Sikkens are all quality paint lines.Last I checked PPG supplies Harley with there paint.If you where to buy it through a Harley dealer it would be around $140 a quart as thats all they sell..again last I checked.Being you have a candy color you would need 2 colors in base.Probably a silver base with the candy blue on top.Thats not including reducer clear or hardener.

    It gets pricey quik when you buy paint through Harley but its also what Id recomend in your situation.Heres why.

    When I paint a Honda Accord in my shop with a paint code B-535h I must enter the 11th character of the VIN for the computer to give me an acceptable formula.You see Hondas are built on many continents and red in the USA may not match that red in Europe or Asia.The reason is where the pigment came from to make up the color.Pigment from Asia is not going to be the same grade as pigment from North America hence not a good match.

    Probably the only time I'll ever recomend buying paint from the moco.
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    Many thanks for your help.......
    Seems a lot more complicated than I ever thought.....
    You take care now............