orange county choppers

anyone else find that the sparkle has gone out of this programme. i enjoyed it at the start but all they seem to do to me is put parts together. started watching southern steel and it is great. in my opinion proper bike builders.what does everyone else thing.
I saw the last one where they pulled a bike off the roof with dads hummer. They must be running out of show material, it is entertaining though however dumb they act.

I saw their work in upstate NY in their store and wasn't that impressed with the quality of it.
Clowns or not , they made tons of cash.
I personally was not impressed by the workmanship of their bike.

Now that Whinney has left the show I'm not interested.
I only watched the show the first year then it was all the same but most programs are that way for me at least but I still say you got to love Mikey he's way cool.
Not surprisingly Glider, I know a rider who went to OCC this past month, and said pretty much the same thing!

The bikes they had on display, not impressive at all... in fact, the only thing he raved about, was their store! But then again, he also said they (the Tuttle Gang) have joined ranks with HD as far as outrageous prices for goodies.

I stopped in their store last season and found the same thing. The bikes close up are nothing to talk about, don't even look like they would last on the street. The prices were just through the roof on everything in the store.
I never did care much for the :kheebattlin Boneheads from Orange County,New York...I truely miss Indian Larry, now he had class...but the builder I admire most didn't even actually build bikes...he did it with a colored pencil...David Mann...what a mind...I would love to duplicate some of his creations...maybe I will...:p
Dave was the best!! I've got every EasyRider fold out he done! Plus a Framed Signed 24"x36" of of his In the wind drawing.