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    Hey all, young friend of mine has a chance to buy his first harley, it's a 2002 Road King Classic w/17250 mi. w/ about $2000 in extras.What he wants to know is worth $12,900 and theres not a blemish on it. It has been dealer serviced at every 5000 mi. He ask if I would ask you guys and gals for your opinion on the asking price!!!! Oh, he won't budge on the asking price.
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    have you checked out Kelly Blue Book or the NADA book? Sounds great that it has been serviced correctly -- is this scoot at a dealer or a individual?? Is the $2k in extras what your friend wants on it or will they be taken off for something else?
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    RichardS makes some excellent points. Check the book as a reference. Then have someone that knows what he/she is doing look, listen, and ride the bike to see what they think (not the Dealership!!).

    Look the bike over hard. Check mating surfaces to see if there are signs of oil/fluid leaks. Look UNDER the bike for the same.

    Check the tires. Rears only get about 10kmiles and the fronts 150-200% of that. If you got less than 1/4" tread on the rear, the tire will need to be changed in 3-5kmiles.

    Find out EXACTLY what has been put on the bike. Folks always inflate the value of what they added or had done. Remember, anything that the owner had the Dealership do is only worth the depreciated value of the part NOT INCLUDING LABOR!!

    Get the maintenance records from the Dealership where the bike was serviced.

    Best of luck.

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    The KBB price suggested retail on that bike is $12995 and taken into consideration the extras it sounds like a fair price. Just try to get the maintenance records on the bike and a list of extras that have been added.
    The extras will bring a bit of value added to the price, however it is a small value added for them and not what they cost originally.
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    I think the price on the bike depends on the area you're in and the economy. around our area, we just had a major steel mill shut down indefinately, so lots of people are going to be getting rid of cars, bikes and other belongings.If economy is not in as bad shape the bike may be worth the asking price.
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    The price seems fair but the one question I would ask my friend... Is this the bike you really want for now? I love my RK and it fits my style and personality but because the bike it seems to be a "deal" may not exactally fit his riding style. Life it too short to be saddled with something that isn't quite "it". If thats what he wants...Go for it. :D

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    I would take the bike to an independent to do a buyer's inspection, we do this at our shop for used car alott and have done a few bikes also, a saftey inspection could give you some recomendations for repaires, with an est. in hand to be able to work the price down, The owner can ride it or trailer it, or you could offer the tech payment to go to the bike, but if he the owner, doesn't like the idea maybe he has something to hide
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    Lotsa good advice here. But the bit about buying what you want is one of the best pieces. If you buy something that doesn't fit and then sell it in a year you are going to loose money on the transaction.

    Also, anything is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. A book can say $12.995.00 but if someone doesn't come along with $12,995.00 in his pocket that wants this bike it is gonna sit there and the seller is going to have to either wait for someone or readjust the price. Remember the longer the seller has to sit on it the more it is going to depreciate in value. In this economy and at this time of year the buyer, not the seller is in the drivers seat.

    NADA retail for this bike is $10, 050.00 for low retail and $12,065.00 for average retail.
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    Use the force, Luke!
    Rather, use the Internet for comparison shopping. Use Craigslist.org and search on the year and type. The older the listing, the more it is over priced. Remember that bikes that have sold are no longer listed. A well priced bike will sell within 24 hours.
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    My 2cents worth. This last May, I bought my first H-D, a '02 Softail Hert Classic (Red/Silver) with 6k miles on it for $14,500. At the time (!) it had all the features/looks and sound that i wanted. I'd say GO FOR IT ~ don't make it too complicated! Then, for me, time passes and so did my likes/dislikes in the scooter I had. In Oct. I traded it up for more 'creature features' in a 09 EGC and got $12k in trade! LETS RIDE!!