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    OK, I've talked to the local shops, searched and read this forum and others to gain some very valuable information. She is 5' 7" 130 lbs, so not real big but not exceptionally small either. She has had some riding experience several years back and is currently enrolled in the rider certification classes. She is very excited about getting back in the seat and riding on her own. Guess she’s saying she's tired of looking at my head all the time!

    Any hooo... what I've learned so far....
    I figured a smaller Sportster model would be the natural choice, but form what I'm gathering from the research a bigger Softail model with a lower center of gravity is a much better choice even tho it's a much heavier bike. So, what I'm looking for is some real world experience, maybe even from some of the women riders on here, as to what makes the most sense. By the way, I've suggested maybe a metric bike for a while...she want's nothing to do with that. She wants a HARLEY! :newsmile093:

    Thanks in advance for any input you might have...
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    I've got a Sportster 883. I'm male, 190 lbs, 5' 9".

    I upgraded the seat (for 2 up riding with my wife), and upgraded the suspension (the stock shocks were EDIT and literally locked up on me! Hard-tails are fun....but rough) to Progressive 412's. I had a guy just south of me selling some heavy duty Progressive rear-shocks for a hundred bucks, just what I needed. Now, the bike is sooo much fun to ride.

    Yes, it does seem to be a tall(ish) bike. Sometimes I have to tip-toe it at a stop, but usually I can plant both feet.

    Also, it does have a high center of gravity. It can get rather tippy when coming to a stop or taking off from a stop (especially with a passenger). A full tank of gas makes that worse. I've had a few instances where it has almost dropped, and only sheer muscle and stubborn will has kept it from dropping all of the way. But, 560lbs is a lot to hold up when it wants to go down!

    I get a little over 50mpg on mine, almost all interstate driving. Fun, responsive, and surprisingly fast little machine. Like riding a big dirt-bike! Maybe actually not the best "beginner" bike, but it's still an easy bike to learn on.
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    The BEST bike for your wife is the ONE SHE want to ride along with YOU..

    If You decide for her IT may be a thorn in a long run.. Safety is Looking in Her favor as the ride class..


    If you take her to the shops and she gets to try a bike or Two, She'll decide between the Rougher riding sport models or I Bet the softail or a Dyna..? Low..

    The two are Probably the better than the rough rid'n sport...It is the Quality of the ride that I'd Like Now Days.. I do have a 06 sport R and Perfrence is the Softer Ride,Heaver bike..

    Good that She gets what She want here..:newsmile011:

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    Let her take some for test rides. Make sure she does it more than once also!
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    My wife is about the same height but a wee bit heavier she rode a sportster for a couple of years then wanted a bigger bike and currently rides an evo dyna wide glide and loves it but a softail would suit a shorter leg perhaps one of the lighter softails may be the way to go

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    Trust me, I will let her make the decision on which one she ends up with. I was just hoping to point her in the right direction and save us some time.
    I appreciate the comments so far, please keep them coming.
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    She just saying she wants the best. And think of the money saved by not buying a starter bike.
    Maybe this might help: Resources For Women Motorcycle Riders | Harley-Davidson USA
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    My wife is pretty close to the same height / weight... we started her on a Kawi Vulcan 800 right after the riders course, but she had no previous riding experience and I got a heck of a deal on the Vulcan (but had to put some work in it). Within a year she was ready to trade up and is now riding an 08 Fatboy... she loves the bike and it seems to fit her very well. She's more confident and comfortable on it than she was on the Vulcan.

    My story worked out well, as I was able to sell the Vulcan for a profit based on the work I'd put in - but even if I couldn't have it was a good move for us to go the starter bike route and take some of the stress of riding a "new and expensive" bike with her not having any experience.
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    I am 5'7", 170. I have a FatBob that feels like it was made just for me. I also looked at the FatBoy Lo, and that bike fit me I just did not want to drop the extra cash, plus I like the look of the twin headlights on the FatBob.
    Anyway you two go I hope you have fun.
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    dyna series, or possibly DELUXE...low to ground