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    About a month ago I injured my back at work. I am 22 years old and have 3 bulging discs and one herniated one. The herniated one is the one giving me all the problems as it is pushing on the nerve. Ive been going to appointments ever since, taking therapy 2-3 a week, seeing the workmans comp doc every 2 weeks, and a surgeon every 4 weeks. Im trying my best to keep from surgery. The workmans comp doctor has did nothing but give me pain meds and set up the therapy, and then put me on light duty. What my question is, should I be worried about being caught riding my bike. Im a little worried if they see me on it, they will try n tell me im faking or something and deny my claims all the way back to when it happened. I had a yamaha R1 crotch rocket in which I sold because it was hurting me to ride, and now I got my harley, glad I did, and it feels like im riding in a car while on it, but im still worried they will make a big deal about it. What do you guys think?? I have been using it as a main source of transportation because I took a unpaid fmla leave to try n heal, and gas is way cheaper on it then my car.
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    I think you should get a professional opinion from your doc. He'd be the one to make the call. good luck with your back, hope it works out.
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    Only you can decide what to do here, but from my vantage, it seems like you have already answered your question. If you are "worried" about them seeing you riding your bike, then you probably shouldn't be riding your bike. The economic times are tough, and companies are doing whatever they can to cut costs including fighting workman's comp cases. You might consider talking to a workman's comp attorney and getting some legal perspective. Until then, I'd park the bike.....
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    I have been involved in cases similar to yours representing employees. From that viewpoint you need to ask the question to those involved. I have been involved in cases where people worked outside of their physical restrictions at work and were terminated(they didn't actually kill them, just fired.

    From your physical condition description it sounds like you are in a vulnerable state right now. I would park the bike and wait for a diagnosis for treatment. With the proper care now there is a great chance for recovery.

    At 22 yrs. of age you have a number of years of riding ahead of you!

    Take care of yourself.
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    Thats kinda the anser i figured id get. Ive thought about getting an attorney,but theres really not much to get an attorney over right now. I am still working and the only workers comp currently taking place is my medical bills and perscriptions. I have thought over and over about it, and really dont see how it can hurt to ride it since I havent been taking off work and only been put on light duty. I know that if they take me completely off, I shouldnt. Kinda seems like if they said something, it would be no different then them telling me I cant ride in a car. I respect everyones opinions also tho and see where they are coming from.

    The other thing im thinking of is, it has kinda hit like a spot where it is always just hurting and not getting better or worse. I take my meds and it helps tremendously, but I can definatly tell when the neds wear off. I am not going to do the surgery until I absolutly HAVE TO! Heard to many horror stories, one including my gpa. If I am going to putoff the surgery as long as possible, so I really dont wanna have the bike stored that long. lol
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    Had a compressed disc with numbness in my leg...only thing doctor said was rest flat on your back (fold a small face towel to support the hollow slightly) AND DON'T MOVE...take 800mg of Ibuprofin 3 times a day and try not to get up except to the bathroom and back. 5 days and I was stir crazy, BUT the pain and pressure stopped, and the very next week just took it easy. You are young, DO NOT PLAY with a potential life long injury. Plenty of saddle time in your future after you are well!
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    Why would you want cake if you couldn't eat it????

    You can have your cake just not until you finish your dinner.

    Park the bike for now. You can fight city hall and possibly win a battle but you will lose the war. Beware, I've seen too many guys play the Martyr and lose. Heck I did it myself in the Navy many many years ago. My division officer told me to stop being a Martyr but I was young and dumb and didn't even know what a Martyr was. Look it up and be careful. Your back will hopefully heal if you take care of it. but don't mess around with your job. You're too young to become someone no one wants to hire. Heed NEWHD74FAN's advice.
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    I represented injured workers, insurance companies and employers for 30 years. I was also a workers' compensation administrative law judge for 12 years. You are kidding yourself if you "really don't see how it can hurt to ride since you haven't been taken off work and only been put on light duty." The general public and thus insurance adjusters believe that motorcycle riding is traumatic to those with back injuries. At the very least they believe that riding a bike aggravates an already injured back. At worst, they believe that it can cause herniated discs.

    If the employer/insurer discovers that you are riding your bike, they will try to argue that it was the riding which injured your back. If they fail with that approach, they will argue that the riding is aggravating your industrial condition and they shouldn't have to pay for that aggravation. There is also a good chance that they will convince their own doctor that you can return to full duties since your bike riding obviously shows that you are not as injured as you claim.

    In short, you are just begging for trouble and litigation. The choice is obviously yours. i can only give you the benefit of my experience.
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    I'm not an attorney, but I've had several back injuries and surgery. Stick with the physical therapy and the exercises they should have you doing, no matter how silly you think they may be. I have gotten several steriod injections which help with the pain and discomfort. Make sure you go to a good spine clinic who uses a flouroscope to do the injections so they can see where they're injecting. Biggest thing is get in shape and strengthen your back and core muscles.

    I'd take the advice of the attorneys and the judge that you've gotten and park the bike until you recover.

    You have many years of riding and living ahead of you, don't screw them up.
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    22 years old. Hard headed and stubborn. We all were at 22.

    You can not get any better advice than you just got on this forum.

    Bite the bullit. Stay off the bike. Besides what legal problems you may
    find yourself in JUST ONE BIG POT HOLE and you're in BIG trouble, maybe
    for the rest of your life.