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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by ernietrucker, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. ernietrucker

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    I am thinking of a major career change and was wondering if anyone has gone through the MMI Harley course in Phoenix (or Orlando). The kids are grown and gone and after 29 years I'm tired and disheartened with the owner operator truck driving life. I have a brother in law in Phoenix and can stay rent free. Any pros and/or cons from those that have been through the school would be appreciated.
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Had a good friend that went to the Arizona course and he aint looking back. He has been a top wrench at a Dealership for 15 years, go for it , Jack
  3. Thorns

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    As long as you can endure the pay cut and loss of wage (going to school and living while looking for a job), if it's what you want to do, and it sound like is, go learn everything you can, then go do your best. Keep your distance in a dealership, it's like a little peyton place, and don't stare at the motorclothes girls... :p

  4. Scrounger

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    I have a few family and a family friend that has been to MMI. The program was viewed as outstanding by all of them and they felt is was well worth the effort. The bad part is you need to do some research on what the salaries are in your area for a shop wrench and how often your local shops are turning over folks.

    One cousin came back from the program and was able to get a job at about any dealer he talked to, BUT the salary was so poor he was not able to support his family and ended up driving a truck for Food Lion making roughly four times that of the shop mechanic.

    By comparison, a family friend in CA is doing pretty dang well as a senior shop wrench for a performance oriented HD dealer in the Bay area.

    It all depends and you need to do the due research so you know what to expect.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    If I remember right they are very strict on there attendance policy, missing classes and you get cancelled
  6. kemo

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    I just got back home from my winter in Florida hauling my 30' trailer up I75 and brother I wouldn't want to be a OTR driver. The dummies and the traffic tie ups and the hiway construction and the weather leave something to be desired for. If you think that you can afford a career change and you think that you can make a go of it go for it. I was 51 when I retired and after 6 years I thought I might want to drive truck so I went to truck driving school and got licensed. I never did do anything with that license and I didn't keep it up, it was a waste of $5000 but I learnt what I didn't want to do.
  7. Breeze3at

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    Glad you got home safe.
  8. Delmar

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    This is excellent advice. Before you signup check around at prospective employers to see if they will accept the degree and what the expected wage will be. With some experience under your belt there is nothing stopping you from wrenching bikes on the side until you can open your own shop.

    Always chase your dream. If you love what you do, do it well, and at work it hard the money will follow.
  9. mark1965

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    I went to wyotech in daytona and majored in harleys, and it was a great school alot of hands on and the instructors all rode and used to have their own shops. very strict attendence policy and alot of test and homework. Check it out Mark
  10. PeteINny

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    A friend of mine went there over 10 years ago. Got a job right out of school at the Harley Dealership. I wonder though with the current economey. Are there any jobs? It seems like allot of the local dealers are laying people off and downsizing.