Opinions on correct "tip" to local wrench and indy owner

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    hey all....ok heres my question. I may be showin my
    (EDIT) on this one so let the flamin begin........Im gettin some insurance work done on my bike due to a very recent accident which thankfully i was able to walk away from...not so much my beautiful bike...
    The shop im going to is Caveman Cycles here in the Bronx. A very good solid indy shop with a cast iron rep....Their mechanic is top notch....$$$$$$$$$....having said that I know that they are going to perform some really good voodoo on my bike. So heres the question.......What is a decent "tip" to give both the owner and the wrench? Something to ensure that they will take care of me next time i darken their doorway.......answers..?
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    Since we don't know the amount of work or the $$ amount, it is kind of hard to determine what type of tip you should leave. We also don't have any idea what type of tipper you are to begin with. The shop I use on a regular basis would be insulted if I felt they would do better work if I tipped them, I send pizzas and BBQ 3 or 4 times a year. Having said that back to your question, 20% is a good place to start.
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    I don't know the relationship that you have with your indy but I have been dealing with my car mechanic for roughly 15 years. He has never, as far as I know, stuck it to me.I trust him. These last four years i have realized that he has been there for me and my family when we needed him so I began tipping him out of appreciation during the Christmas holidays. Even if he hasn't recently worked on my car. My reasoning is that a good mechanic, that is one that you trust, is worth their weight in gold these days. Face it, we need our vehicles. I never have to wait a few days to get my car back. he usually has it done the first day. And to answer your question, by forging a good relationship with your indy it will come back to you. You will know when you are being taken care of, and you will also know when you are being porked. If the mechanic so much as violates that trust, it's time to move on. In my case, I am satisfied.
    BTW, you won't find any "flaming" here. It isn't tolerated. And that is a good thing!! ;-)
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  4. Jack Klarich

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    Beer and Pizza before they start just keep an eye they dont get carried away:s
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    As one reply stated, the total cost of the repairs obviously has a lot to do with the tip. I think a percentage is great if you are spending under a grand. Over that, it can get expensive. I recently had some replacement windows put in the castle. The guy who did the work is a craftsman, and I don't use that term loosely. With the total damage being up there, I think I gave him $350 as a tip. But, I also gave each of the guys who actually did the work $200 each. I guess in the end it depends on how satisfied you are, and how much money you have to spend.....
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    Maybe pizza BEFORE they start... I'd hold the beer until they were finished (smile)

    Local shop did a great job on my wife's bike....spent a little too long (under warranty..They made more money on the other repair/service bikes)
    Once I was satisfifed bike was fully functional, I returned on Saturday morning, with enough "Bojangles chicken buscuits and fries" for every one in the shop. I took the service manager into the general managers office to give the SM the buscuits. LOL been 3 years since I had work done there... but I'm greeted by evary one on the floor, or in the service bay.

    I spent $50 on a repair bill that came to ZERO..... no percentage there.
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    When i had my service business i would refuse tips from my customers with a thank you and say, you pay me for my work and never argue over my prices and give me work in good times and bad.;
    That said, I parked my car in a garage in Times Square [Manhattan] for years [30] and they treated me and my car well, So i would buy the workers coffee and donuts every morning and tip the workers a month's rent at Xmas. Only the workers not the bosses. As far as how much you should tip. Wait till the job is done make sure it's done right, ride it for a while, Then let your conscience be your guide.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    MY view on this matter.

    I feel NO money should be given. The Best that I would do is IF they do a good job, TELL Them and make sure the owner Knows you are Very Pleased.

    $$$ go just so far COMPLEMENTS and "Word Of Mouth" go a LOT further.:D

    The owner would be happy to receive a good Verbal Review from You to your friends and their friends and ETC...:guitar The mechanic Will keep his job longer BY good words and More work coming into their shop.. A WIN WIN...

  9. STEVE07

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    If you are satisfied with the work post here on the forum.As a business owner I would rather see a post like that on a large forum as opposed to a couple bucks in my pocket.
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    Thanks Bubbie you have said what I was trying to think of saying. I agree totally with your post. It must be because we are older that we think this way.:s