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one stop shop for nut and bolt sizes?


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Morn'n all,

Is there a diagram/figure that shows a nut/bolt size?

For example:

I have a 2005 flstni.
My service manual, 99482-05, page 4-30, figure 4-24, shows my
exhaust system. Item 6 is a nut. I can not find anywhere in the
manual that tells what size nut item 6 is. I'm pretty sure it's a
5/16x24 but if I didn't know the size is there somewhere I can
go to get any nut/bolt size I'm looking for from a figure/diagram?


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Your application will determine which "grade" is required.

I remove the nut, go to a local hardware store and match it to a corresponding bolt, then find the nut that fits that bolt. I prefer to use stainless quality.

You can use the same process for a bolt.

If its a specialty item I go to the dealer.
To expand on what Dangerdan said about "Grades" of bolts, American fractional bolts are:
Grade 2= soft, household use (no marks on head)
Grade 5= standard, automotive use (3 slashes on head)
Grade 8= case hardened, for critical & extreme use (6 slashes on head)

It's very important not to replace a better with a lesser grade bolt, especially on a bike or cage (could be hazardous to your health & body)

Metric fasteners also have various "Grades". They normally have number grades stamped on the heads.

Just wanted to be sure everyone knows that "All Bolts Are NOT The Same".
Had a brother just about get seriously hurt because he was not aware of this.
I'd like to follow up on the OP's core question which was never answered eons ago.

I know how to measure a fastener size, thread pitch and grade. What I've asked quite a few times in several venues and never gotten an answer to is how can I look up this information in some sort of a parts manual? This is pretty much the same question OP asked except that I am asking it about any random part I may want to remove/replace on any model Harley.

I have a complete parts manual for my year and model and it's very handy as far as obtaining part numbers goes. But there's nothing in there about the head type/size or anything else and since HD is fond of their "sometimes SAE sometimes metric" assembly system it's not always easy to know what tool to use for removal. Especially a problem if there is a big risk of rounding or camming the head.

I'm constantly running into worn allen heads, Torx and so on where I have no idea what tool I need to remove them. Obviously there is less of a risk of rounding the head off if I am using the right sized tool.

I'm asking because if I think I may have to destroy a fastener to get it off I want to have a new replacement in hand when I start the project. My local HD dealership is proud of the fact that they have NOTHING is stock so EVERYTHING
has to be ordered.

IMHO, for the price, parts catalogs ought to have complete info on the parts and ideally torque specs. After all, The MoCo claims that they are a premium motorcycle assembler, right?

Anyone who can answer this question (a one stop lookup tool) will be my hero forever.

Like many, I do have a stash of hardware accumulated over the past 60 years and I have lists of this info for some HD hardware part numbers.

Thanks in advance.