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    I have a 1984 sportster 1000 that does not run but will with some minor work. Needs ign. system, frame work, just a good bit of cosmedic, work.
    Have a 1975 FLH 1200 I restored one time and now it needs a lot of repair, ing. system, brakes charging system, carb, etc., but engine is good.
    What would you say they would be worty each? Any Ideas?
  2. Big Rol

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    having been on the look out for a rebuildable for a time, heres my opinion
    It sounds like the 84 is a parts bike, non running motor,frame work, ign system etc. $$$
    The 75 on the other hand should be worth a few bucks. Pics and more details would help
    Or just stick them on ebay for best offer and see what happens
  3. ultrat

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    Well i sold a 75 flh last year all stock rebiult engine 6,500.00 sight unseen 4000.0. Sporty2,500.00 - 4,000.00. If running its a big +.....my 2cents....
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    May depend on where you are. I watch Craigslist for Shovelheads and older Sportsters(looking for one for my son).

    You can buy a running older Sporters for 2500.00 pretty easy. So with yours not running. You could sell it for 2000.00

    The ElectraGlide Without seeing it. Assuming you have the bags/tourpak/ fairing. Needing work 3K to 4500.00. Just my opnion.

    I will give you an example. I have a friend selling a 1982 Low Rider, just needs cleaned up. Runs and Rides Good. He i asking 4500.00. It's a good running bike. "See Picture"

    He has had it for sale for a month or so. I would have thought it would sell quick.

    THIS ARE ALL MY OPINIONS (No insults intended)

    By The Way- I go down to Slyvainia twice a year to the Koyo Plant(formely Timken, formerly Torrington)

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