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    This is from the Fort Wayne Indiana Journal Gazette:

    Wife stabs husband over Harley:

    A man reported that his wife, enraged about his new Harley-Davidson motorcycle, attacked him in his northeast-side home Tuesday, slashing and stabbing his arm.

    Police were called to the stabbing in the 7300 block of Chivington Drive, near East State Boulevard and Maplecrest Road, about 8:45 p.m.

    The victim told officers his wife came to his house and attacked him with a steak knife. She was angry about his recent purchase of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and accused him of trying to pick up “Harley women,” the report said.

    He was treated at a hospital for cuts to his arm. His wife, Lisa Barnett, 45, was arrested Thursday on preliminary charges of battery and domestic battery.

    I think maybe I will take my wife with me to the HD shop next time to avoid any surprises.......:D
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    I let my wife drive us there.

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    Yeah, reading your story and the signature line afterwards, "--rather than have a fight of epic proportions, your wife floats like a butterfly, but stings like a bee!"
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    If i came home with newer bigger harley the wife would want one as big and newer
    And the kids would give me a hard time for it being so new as at time get a bit of hastle for all my harleys being of the early 90s when the bmw and the honda are both 81 models
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    I may have password our access to the forum...........can't let my wife see this post! She might get some post-harley buying stress and cut loose on me.:D
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    Good point......bad news, but a good point.

    I may now be like a guy whose wife threw boiling water on him as he was passed out drunk in the floor. My dad asked him, after he had returned home from the hospital and was living with the wife again, how it was going. He said, "Ok but I but just can't sleep knowing she's around."

    Long nights ahead?:p