Ok members, another issue I have and need feedback. Please?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by BillMull, Jul 26, 2011.

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    This may be a silly question to some, but to me its not cause I dont know for sure or not. Today I rode for a bit and got home. I shut the bike off and was just going over my bike like I always do after riding it. I like examining my bike for new problems. I took the oil dipstick out and looked inside and then I smelt a strong odor of gasoline coming from the oil tank. Is this normal and is it normal to have gas that has entered the oil tank area? Is this common? Also, when I am letting it idle and I rev it up it shoots out a little of smoke and never noticed it before to do this. It did not do this before me discovering having a intake air leak. I tightened the bolt only and did not replace the gasket yet either. I have been fooling with the carb screws to try to fine tune the carb. I have drag pipes on the bike in case someone needs to know. Please just hit me back with some feedback. Thanks so, so, so much for all you all have done for me so far. Im ever so grateful!!:(
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    You may be running too rich now, that would explain the smell of gas and the smoke out the pipes Fine tune and or re jet the carb and check the float level:s
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    Good info to test your main jet size. Tons of great info in self help section on how to fine tune your carb.

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    Gas goes in the hole on the big tank, and oil goes in the little tank. :newsmile011:
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    Good one!
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    Now that's just mean... :swoon
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    Float valve that does not seal can result in gravity feed and overflow into the intake manifold and into the jugs. Then the fuel can leak past the rings into the oil supply.

    If this is the case, you should find the intake manifold wet, on the bottom surface. I would expect a bit of leakage around the intake seals.

    Not likely, but I suppose a possibility...

    Rich P
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    Ok members, another issue I have and need feedback. Please? Post

    I was asking a serious question "PSGTHRU"! I didnt ask for a smart remark at all as if im retarded. This is why some people dont ask questions on here is because you always have someone who wants to be cute. But, thanks to the ones who responded with a serious answer. It means a lot to get responses that could be the answer. Im learning here as many others are also. I may be blowing it out of context, but I take this very serious when it deals with my bike. Im already (EDITED) off to have issues with it. Thanks!:newsmile055:

    can you buy a piece to repair the float valve? Or do I have to replace the whole carb in order to fix it?

    Please read and understand the info in this link...
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    You can buy a kit for the carb, not sure on individual parts. But I would think a needle and seat would be available. Be sure to get all numbers off carb before buying parts.
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    Those kind of remarks are frowned upon on this forum. We don't allow flaming of another member here.