Oily film on front rotors

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by mghosn, Jun 16, 2011.

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    I have an '02 Road King. An oily film develops on the front rotors every time I ride. I have owned the bike since new and this has NOT always been the case.
    It has HD floating rotors and I had the calipers chromed years ago. it wasn't till just the last couple years I've had this problem.
    I have taken it in for the Harley dealer to look at and they have not been able to explain it.
    Is it the calipers that are leaking? I am thinking of taking the calpers in to rebuild but not sure if this is the problem. Could it be the forks leaking somewhere?
    There is no obvious leak anywhere, just a black oily film on the rotors.
    Anyone out there with this problem or any ideas?
    Thanks for your help...

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member


    Mike, ? are you sure it just isn't road and brake dust ?? And the area you ride , Off the HGY? Both sides? only on the front rotors?

    The front brakes Could be the problem so could the front forks.. The fluid level is important to monitor on the front brake now,,, and Looking with a Flash light for any sign of leaks in the braking system, also Might need to pop off the front wheel to look a little more aggressive at the inside calipers..I'd Look and find First and Not toss:newsmile093: at it..

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    Depending on the chroming job you had done if the piston bores were chromed or protected so the chrome didn't get into that area. It's possible that if the chrome got into the piston bores that the seals aren't making a good seal. Otherwise I would go with Bubbies idea of the brake dust.
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    Have you been fiiting the same brand of brake pads since you got the bike

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    I had a seepage through the left fork seal. The oil found its way down the aft /inside of the fork tube inside the cow bell, down to the fender mounting support, and onto my left disc. When I found it I thought I had a leaking piston or brake line, but soon discovered that the backside of my forks were wet