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    Please help me. I just installed a S&S 113" motor in my bike. Problem is that after starting up, building up oil pressure, I am getting a very solid stream out of the cylinder head vent line. The line goes into a check valve under the frame and will be shooting a very solid stream of oil. I have been unable to understand why this is happening. Hoping somebody with more knowledge than me, can point out something I have missed. Thank you in advance. Bill:sd
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    If oil is coming out the breather in a steady stream then perhaps the breather gear is not timed correctly or there is blow by past the piston rings
    If the piston rings are not seated correctly/worn /broken then when the fuel/air mixture in the cylinder burns and expands some of that expansion can push past the pistons and pressurise the crankcase when the crankcase becomes pressurised oil in the sump can be forced out of the breather

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    Both cyl's or just one?
    Used motor or new? More info on motor & bike would be helpful.
    Is it possible there is too much oil (over filled ) ?
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    Is there not a trick to properly drain all the oil from a Softail and if procedure is not followed correctly it is very easy to overfill oil.
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    i do not know why the oil is coming out.there are devices that attach where the filter is and remove a pint and a quarter(?) that otherwise remains when the oil is drained .It should be drained when fully warm and standing level and plumb.Overfilling is avoided by creeping up on the right level ..after draining add enough oil to show on the stick and start it..let it idle a minute. shut it down, let it sit still a minute and read the stick. continue until just at the hotfull mark..

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    Softails have a problem of Oil going into the motor sump or Filling the motor completely and almost emptying the oil tank. GRAVITY... Not all do this but Many do. My 06 1200 sport R does this in a few days...

    Sitting for a few days might lower oil enough into the motor that it will do what you say it is doing. Especially IF You added oil when only Thought to be low.

    IF you added oil, I'd drain it out of the tank and start over AFTER oil is pumped back into the tank (if you added a quart, take out a quart)... The best way to start a softail from COLD with oil in the sump is start and Idle for a minute or two. I like to have the oil cap off and watch the oil return into the tank.

    Never BLIP the throttle OR ride off Until you are sure the oil is Back into the tank. You will see it return.

    Checking oil is done also when Hot and done After a ride. FULL Then, IF none is on the floor on Next ride, and LOW in tank at next start-up, it is in the motor...

    Do this IDLE process again when cold started...

    NOW IF you added oil when it was IN the engine, filling it up after sitting, You are liable to have the OIL coming out of the breather tube problem you are talking about... Engine Swimming in oil and trying to get rid of the Xtra some how... Not good...

    IF Any of this FITS, Get back with your Yada Yada and I will try to Help.:D


    ADDED: Others read here so this may help them IF Not you...
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    Have you got the hoses right?
    This is an older view hope it helps
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    I am having trouble visualizing the leak. First you say there is a "stream out of the cylinder head vent line" and then you say there is a "very solid stream of oil" from a "check valve" under the frame.

    The bike is a softail and there are supply/return lines from the cam plate to the oil tank and there is a drain line from the tank to the tank drain bolt under the frame. I am not aware of a "check valve" under the frame on a softail, so I am not sure what you are referring to.

    If the breather vents are connected to the backing plate, any oil leaking there will show up in the air cleaner.

    Some pictures would help but I suspect the leakage is most likely associated with over filling; as Bubbie has pointed out, very easy to do on a softail for someone unfamiliar with how the oiling system works. The tank is above the crankcase and oil from the tank will drain past a check valve into the sump. Often times, guys will check the oil, see that it is low and add oil not knowing that the sump is full. When the engine is fired up, there is more oil in the system than the system can accommodate and it has to go somewhere.:bigsmiley10: