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    I'm using hd sny 3 in my engine, tranny and primary 2000 roadking. I 've been reading about oils for those parts and most people think you should use different oils for each. If one were to use only one oil for all three will any one oil work ? I like the idea of only having one oil for everything, that way when I travel I just carry one quart with me.
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    You can use Syn3 in all three holes and your bike will not explode or anything drastic like that. However, there are better oils available for each that will help your bike run cooler, better and longer. It's your chice but you can't go wrong with a good full synthetic for the engine like Mobil 1 V twin. As far as the primary and transmission go, as long as neither is leaking, you're probably not going to have to add any oil to either on a long trip anyway.
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    Mobil 1 V Twin has worked well in my engine and primary. Should be about the same with the Syn 3. However, I prefer something heavier than motor oil in the tranny. I've been using Mobil 1 75W 140 gear oil since my last oil change, and I'm pretty happy with it. It seems to run quieter with the heavier oil.
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    Alot of dealers are moving away from syn 3 in the transmissions now as they are seeing warranty claims on bearing and fork damage:s
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    Just into my local shop (not a factory shop) last week letting the mech look at my new bike. We were talking about cams, pipes, etc. for after the break in. I really trust this guy. He has fixed and/or improved on some things the dealers have messed up on my previous bikes.

    He does not recommend the HD syn 3 for anything. I asked him why? "Based on viscosity test I have done at various oil changes and service intervals..." I know from experience that he is just the kind of gear head that would do this kind of testing.

    I won't be using it. But I will change oil myself at 2500 mile intervals.
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    Good for you, working on your own bike is a huge sense of accomplishment, we do not like syn 3 because of Hugo Chavez tho as an oil it is probably OK but not in a gear box and not in my bike at all

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    One of OUR friends is thinking to use Redline.. No Not for all three holes.. 20/50 or 60 for the engine and MTL in the primary then Shockproof heavy in the tranny..

    HD says,Tranny's can go 20,000 miles without a change and it's Not the new tranny that make this true... I believe all EVO's,TC's can go the full 20,000 miles.

    Then the primary i change with the engine oil..

    Does your 2000 leak oil? I always used to carry a quart for the engine on My Red 2000 fxds... never used it...

    I would NEVER use One OIL in all three holes , a tranny needs Gear oil.

    Now IF you guys got together and bought together and got a few More friends to YOU KNOW.. sounds like a plan:lolrolling

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    Thought I was alone in trying 75W 140 in the primary. I only have around 1500 miles on it that way, but it seems smoother and quieter than at any time since new and clutch engagement is very smooth. So far, so good, I like it. In addition, what I thought was valve train clatter seems to quieting down some now, might have been primary noise.