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    I now have my Switchback for 2 weeks. Sweet ride. It's been like, 90's and real humid here in NY. My question is overheating. Can it happen, how can I check? A friend said something about a oil temp guage built into an oil filler cover? And ideas? Tks in advance.
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    Hadn't heard of that. They do make a dipstick with a temp gauge in. Also a gauge for dressers, don't know if it has a handle bar mount.
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    Not for FLD models yet in the 2016 catalog
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    This is a simple rundown of the EITMS system on Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

    First off, what does EITMS stand for? Engine Idle Temperature Management System. If you subject your engine to prolonged idle conditions, EITMS provides limited cooling to the rear cylinder. Majority of bikes from the factory have this feature disabled. But you can enable or disable this feature to fit your riding style.

    How does the EITMS cool the engine? When the preset engine temp is reached while idling, it shuts off the spark and fuel to the rear cylinder. In turn the engine sucks in cool air to help dissipate cylinder heat from the rear cylinder. It does not actually cool the entire engine but it does help the heat issue with the rear cylinder. Any bit of cooling is a good thing. [​IMG]

    How do you cut the EITMS on/off? No problem - keep reading.

    If your bike has EITMS, these are the steps you take to cut it on/off. If you do not know if your bike has this feature check with your local HD dealer.

    First, cut the ignition switch on and make sure the engine OFF/RUN switch is in the RUN position.

    Second, push or roll the throttle forward (closed position) to the roll-off position and hold.

    Thirdly, after approximately 3 or 4 seconds the cruise indicator will flash green (enabled) or red (disabled).

    Lastly, if the indicator flashes GREEN - EITMS is ON, if indicator flashes RED - EITMS is OFF.
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    Available Options
    • Smart Security System with proximity-based, hands-free security fob (factory installed option)
    • Engine Idle Temperature Management Strategy (EITMS) (dealer-activated option) 2016 models
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    I have to look into it. Tks
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    First thing to do is install an oil cooler; then if you must be able to see the temps, several vendors offer a guage that is mounted off two rocker box bolts.
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    Remember it is an air cooled engine. Don't set at idle for long. Can't imagine the temps in NY getting as high as they do here in South Arkansas (101°f today) and mine don't overheat as long as you are moving. Dolt has the best idea, put an oil cooler on it.
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