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  1. DynaBike

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    I saw an oil temp gauge in the HD catalog and never gave it much thought, but in browsing the forum, someone else mentioned he would like to have one. Why ? Oil pressure gauge's I understand, but why temp ?
  2. 175mws

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    Let me give you some advice. don't get hung up on oil temp if the bike runs fine and and have no problems. don't get one, I did and I just started to find reasons to try and cool it. it is one bad mind game. I see temps between 235-275 on my 07
  3. kemo

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    It is nice to know all the facts about your engine. If you watch the guage and you know that normally you run 220 but today your running 260 and conditions are simular you know something is up. Could be something as simple as low oil. If your stuck in traffice and you see the oil temp getting high you can pull off for a coffee. Besides it gives you something too worry about. Some people will worry if they have nothing to worry about and some people are better off knowing less. What they don't know won't hurt them
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    "Besides it gives you something too worry about. Some people will worry if they have nothing to worry about and some people are better off knowing less. What they don't know won't hurt them

    Ha-ha-ha, know and have know people like that!
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    Oil is the life blood of our air cooled engines. Those of us with baggers that have fairings and typically carry more stuff around than we should I feel need to have tools to keep an eye on the engine oil. Oil level, temp and pressure are the things we need to monitor. So I replaced the useless air temp gauge on my dash with an oil temp gauge and added an oil cooler. That gives me oil temp and pressure.

    Having said all that, I DO NOT have either a pressure gauge OR temp gauge on my Dyna. I think I will add the pressure gauge, but probably will not do the temp. The Dyna is unencumbered by fairings and stuff restricting the air flow. So I am not as worried about the Dyna.

  6. ultrat

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    got mine at autozone 38.00 workes good probe length 60 deg outside running 240 deg oil 70deg outside 260 oil temp
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    I aded a McEwan oil temp gauge to my Ultra primarily because the Ambient temp gauge used to drive me nuts. Talk about not worrying about your oil temp, I think I know when it's hot out. That being said, the gauge allows me to monitor the oil temp. It verifies that the engine's life blood is OK. I don't agonize everytime the reading goes up 5 degrees the same way that I don't go ballistic if my oil pressure drops from 30 to 25 pounds.
  8. HDDon

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    You can't know to much about the condition of your engine. It's not the knowing that will make you worry it's the not knowing. Ignorence may be bliss in some cases but not when it comes to a $150 part telling you whats happening inside your motor. It's been said here that oil is the life blood of your motor, keeping that oil cool is the life of your motor.
  9. B-1B_Guy

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    I use the McEwan oil temp gauge on my Ultra. Oil temp is much more crucial than OAT. You can never know too much about what is going on inside that motor. I wish MOCO would install the oil temp guage on stock bikes and do away w/ the OAT guage. JMO.
  10. BUBBIE

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    I had a JAGG oil cooler on my dyna BUT found no need for the temp gauge..

    I installed a harley oil PRESSURE gauge...
    It being a HD chrome part well worth the $$.. a nicely made unit. HEAVY chrome brkt. that looks great and fits off top of the rear valve cover ...

    Mounting the oil gauge there and running line directly to a brass fitting to use both IDIOT and pressure gauage was easy...

    I also use synthetic oil and with JAGG cooler never saw temps much over 200* on very HOT days....

    The pressure is more interesting to me..